1 Week til Christmas

Very eventful past couple of days.. H's company put on the most epic Christmas party I've ever heard of. We checked into the hotel on Wednesday night and enjoyed drinks in the lounge and then dinner with some friends. The next day, I had to go to work (boooo) while H sat in meetings. That evening, they treated us to the Blue Man Group. Great show!

Then on Friday was when the real fun started! They shut down Universal Studios for their Christmas party. They had rides running, a red carpet entrance, open bar all night, and dinner on a sound stage. They even had a bunch of characters there for us to take pictures with which was cute. After dinner, we moved outside for a Blues Brother show, dessert, and dancing.

Me and Bart!

Me and H at his fabulous party!

I even met "Marilyn Monroe"

My favorite part of living here.. is dancing outside IN DECEMBER! :-D

After dessert and dancing we moved over to a karaoke theater that they rented out for us... so much fun!

We had an amazing time and during the CEO's speech at dinner, he mentioned that they may be hosting the party next year in Hawaii!!! I told H he better not leave that company lol! 

H and I did our "Christmas" last night since we'll be in CT next week and like to do our gifts and stockings for each other privately at home. 

He got me a cover for my new iphone

It's from Juicy Couture and I love that it's sparkly!

He got me the Naked Palette 2!

My new desk calendar <3

For my car! 

Bath fizzers in my stocking :0)

My family has a tradition of giving ornaments each year (which I love because when I moved out on my own and started decorating my own tree, I had more than enough ornaments) so H and I have continued the tradition with each other and are now giving them to his family as well. This year H got me this snowman ornament from Pier 1. I called him Frosty.

I got H this pirate ship ornament from Kohls since we call Roxy our little pirate since she has a black patch over her left eye. 

H also got me some stuff from Sephora which I returned for 2 reasons today. The 1st being he got me another tube of Urban Decay's primer potion that I literally just got last week, and the 2nd being that we bought a new tv for upstairs on Cyber Monday which was a gift for both of us and therefore I told him we'd be on a tighter budget for our gifts for each other this year. Well, H didn't listen and over spent big time. So I returned the duplicate gift and the other gifts from Sephora. It wasn't easy, but I wanted him to know that I was serious about our budget. I felt like such an adult! 

Our closet looks like a tornado hit it... but I've decided not to be my normal "Monica Geller" self and let it go. We got back home on Saturday, and leave again to fly home on Thursday. I hate living out of a suitcase, but it'll be worth it to be home for Christmas and to see everyone that we love and miss so much! 

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