Overdue Product Reviews

I've been meaning to post about my recent goodies, and I just hadn't gotten around to taking pictures and I wanted to make sure I was giving each product a fair chance before exclaiming how much I love them or complaining about how much I didn't love them..

First product is a rave!

I love this spray! I was skeptical that it wouldn't do what it says, but it does. I immediately felt a difference after the first use. I saw extra body in my hair and when I pulled it into a ponytail it actually felt thicker. The only thing I don't like about it is the smell, but it's not overpowering so no biggie.

At first, I really missed my MAC Studio Fix, but after I gave it a chance for a few days, I can honestly no longer tell the difference. On a weak day I may revert back to my Studio Fix, but I'm pretty convinced this foundation provides the same amount of coverage with a cheaper price tag and extra Beauty Insider points!

Loreal's Elnett Hairspray
I picked up the mini bottle at Target to try it out. I've been unsuccessfully trying to curl my hair lately, and heard that this spray was the best to use when trying to get your curls to hold without the hard texture. If my hair actually would cooperate, this would be a great spray. However, just like the Bumble and Bumble Hair Thickening spray, I hate the smell. Actually, the smell with the Elnett is a lot worse. Yuck-a-puh-tooey.. but it works!

I'm glad I gave Sephora by OPI another chance. Above is a picture of Metro Chic which I wore all last week with minimal chipping and touchups. This week I've been wearing Naughty is the New Nice and H loves the color on me and I love that it's sparkly. I've gotten a few compliments on it, and it's a keeper.

This pic doesn't do the color justice! 

One of my favorite bubble baths yet! Smells sooo yummy! I combined this with vanilla bath salts and thoroughly enjoyed it last weekend ;0)

I reviewed this in my last product review, and didn't rave about it.. at all. But... I continued using it, and I still don't LOVE it, but I like it a lot more and have learned how to apply it better. My reason for not loving it is that it doesn't have staying power. It disappears pretty quickly. It looks great at first, but before I know it, it's faded away and is a distant memory.

Happy Thursday evening ladies, tomorrow is FRIDAY! Any fun plans for the weekend? I'm sooo ready for the short work week next week and to celebrate all that I'm thankful for. 


  1. I love that nail polish, it's so pretty! :)

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  3. I really love that pink nailpolish! I will have to try that B&B thickening spray. I have fine hair and am always looking for something that will give lots of volume! Awesome post!! :)