Cyber Monday Bonanza

H and I were in the Keys for Thanksgiving and Black Friday and I'm majorly slacking on posting reviews and pics from the trip.. hopefully coming tonight! So, I took full advantage of Cyber Monday yesterday. Plus, I've received emails this morning that a few stores have extended their specials into today.

Snapfish is still offering penny prints and 50% off everything else on their site

Kate Spade extended their sample sale for up to 75% off

MAC extended their free overnight shipping sale

Over the weekend, I called around and got Christmas lists from both of our families so that H and I could start figuring out where we could get the best deals for everyone's gifts.

I love shopping online, because I can do it from the comfort of my own home or the convenience from work, use online coupon codes, and of course Ebates! I always start at Ebates first and then shop and a lot of the stores on Ebates were offering double or more cash back.. double score!

Join Ebates! It's completely free and it rewards you for shopping online.

My mom said my brother needs a new black suit jacket since he lost his... yes I've racked my brain as to how he just lost his suit jacket, but he's 22 and it really doesn't fall out of character with him :-P

He's not the type to want a suit jacket that'll cost several hundred dollars (thankfully!) so I found one for him on clearance at for only $41.98! Even H was like WOW that's awesome!

My SIL requested a sleep shirt/nightgown that wasn't too "granny-ish". I searched at some of the department stores and even at Old Navy and didn't see anything to fit that description and then a light bulb went off that I should check Victorias Secret and presto!

They were having a deal for 1 for $30 and 2 for $39.50, so I decided to get 2.

She also requested Bare Escentuals foundation since she's running low, which I found at Sephora

H and I have a great tv down in the family room, but only a 19" in our room so we decided to take advantage of the sales for 32" tv's and finally upgrade the one in our room and move the 19" down to the guest room.

Samsung at Best Buy and it's still on sale!

Definitely still have a lot of shopping to do over the next few weeks, but I feel great about the deals we've gotten already.

How'd you make out on Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday?

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  1. We got a Samsung at Best Buy too, we got ours last week on sale though. :)