The last Target beauty bag

It was a sad day when I found out that Target is no longer giving away free beauty bags after the ones being sent out right now :(

I received mine in the mail a few days ago and am loving the bag it came in. Super cute!

I noticed the samples weren't as plentiful as the last bag, but I'm definitely not complaining considering it's completely free, comes with a beauty coupon book, and I'm loving the bag it all came in. I'll definitely be using that as a travel makeup bag in the future. 

Did you get your free Target beauty bag? Are you sad it's the last one?


  1. Im Super bummed that this is the last bag! I always looked foward to getting mine in the mail! At least its a cute makeup bag this month!


  2. um i never got a bag! haha oh well!!

  3. What?! I didn't know it was the last one! So sad :( I absolutely LOVED the bag itself. The samples were only so-so but like you said, I'm not complaining!