I Love Long Weekends

Oh how I love long holiday weekends! I knew it would go by fast, but we enjoyed every second of it.

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner at the house (I was happy to break out our wedding china) and then we walked down the street and had dessert with some of our neighbors. Mmmmm pumpkin cheesecake!

That night, we decided to join all the crazies and try to snag some deals. It makes me so sad that the sales get more and more out of control and start earlier and earlier each year. Remember when people thought it was crazy that stores opened at 6:00am on Black Friday? Then it was 5:00am.. then 4:00am and then in recent years they started opening at midnight. Well, this year, Walmart opened at 8:00pm Thursday night, and Target opened at 9:00pm. I so didn't want to join the crowds because I feel awful for the workers who have to leave their families to go into work on Thanksgiving night, but we don't have family around here so we weren't leaving any gatherings to go to the store. I still felt guilty and once I saw all the crazy unfold right before my eyes I realized this was probably my first and only time participating in "doorbusters". But seriously how can you call it "Black Friday" when it's still Thursday night? I think I'll be sticking to Cyber Monday from now on... which is today whoo hoo!

My outfit for insanity shopping... so excited I finally fit in these jeans! I got them at Express and left the tags on since they were too small but I was determined to fit into them. Last year, I couldn't even pull them up never mind zip them up. They now fit perfectly and are even a little roomy. Such an awesome feeling! 

We were able to get everything we were looking for... games for cheap, blu ray DVD's for $4 each, and even a fire pit! :)

The next morning we headed back out to Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohls. We stopped at Starbucks for a gingerbread latte, and they were also handing out free pumpkin spiced latte samples YES PLEASE! 

I picked up a bunch of red and gold ornaments and a glass cylinder to bring a Pinterest project to life. 

That night, my college roomie (who is another Connecticut to Florida transplant) arrived with her new boyfriend... love seeing her so happy! We all went to see Cirque du Soleil La Nouba:

Saturday, was nice and relaxing. I did a little shopping, H hung up the lights on the outside of the house, and a new ceiling fan in the family room which he claims was a must have before our Christmas party in a few weeks. Men... 

Sunday, H and I dressed up in our Chiefs jerseys and went to a friend's house to watch them play the Broncos. They're Broncos fans so it got interesting, and as much as the Chiefs suck this year they held on for a while but of course lost... poor H! 

Representing both teams... football dorks!

And of course Roxy is now donning her Christmas bells :-D

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend, now it's time to get back into the grind, but we still have the majority of the holiday season left to look forward to ;)


  1. girl thats awesome you made that meal all on your own. I love to cook and I am pretty good at it but Thanksgiving meal is so intimidating to me! Roxy is seriously sooo cute, I showed that picture to my family when you had instragrammed it! adorable! Also - I love the Nouba! I haven't seen it a couple of times when in Orlando. Glad you had a good t-day! :)

  2. I'm sure black Friday will soon become black Tuesday before we know it. I agree that it's insane and it needs to be stopped.

    I've never been out in the morning for black Friday and have no intention of doing so. haha Glad you got some good deals!

  3. You look so adorable in your skinny jeans! And sounds like you did some great Black Friday shopping!

  4. woohoo on skinny jeans!! good job gf!!

  5. Roxy looks so cute sitting at the table for Thanksgiving dinner!