It's a Doggy Birthday

The other day was Roxy's 4th birthday, and since we missed it last year since we were house sitting I was determined to make sure we celebrated it with her this year. So, I went to this doggy bakery actually called a "barkery" (TOO cute!) and picked up some doggy friendly cookies for her that are made with shortbread and no sugar.

Birthday cake cookie

This one was my favorite

The birthday girl enjoying her first cookie

The doggy bakery said next time to call in advance and they could have a doggy cake waiting for her... I'll have to remember that for next year!

1 comment:

  1. Aw, Happy Birthday to your pup! :)

    I went over to Three Dogs Bakery for the first time and picked up my pup some treats there, he loved them!

    And I hope the scrub works for ya! I read a lot of reviews before I bought it, and I saw a lot of praises for it if you have oily skin. I've only been using it as a mask bc I have large pores and really like it. I've been thinking of using it was a regular cleanser and seeing if that would give even better results.