Dry Shampoo Review

I have very fine hair and have to wash it every day or it gets even more limp and oily. I usually shower and
wash my hair after work after my workout, but yesterday was the day I had been waiting for.. for several years. It was the release of the final Harry Potter movie. It was raining when I got home which means it was humid outside and I was feeling extra oily and icky, but had no time to wash my hair before going to the movies with H. After trying out the dry shampoo from Tresemme a few months ago I wasn't impressed, but I kept hearing great things about Suave's dry shampoo and decided to buy it. I hadn't used it until last night and the results are... I loved it! It worked a lot better than Tresemme's and it also smells amazing! It has a very fruity smell that H noticed and said, "OOooh what are you wearing?" I laughed and said, "Nothing, it's my dry shampoo". The Tresemme's dry shampoo was a "quick fix" while I felt this dry shampoo did what it was supposed to do and replaced washing my hair to go out for the evening. Perfection!

My hair instantly felt a lot cleaner and got the body back that was there when I had blow dried it the evening before and again.. it smelled great! As for the movie.... INCREDIBLE! I blubbered like a baby and was super emotional the entire time. So sad to see it end, but so amazing at the same time. The world has spent the past 10 years reading the books and watching the movies, and it all ended this weekend. 


  1. I'm so glad you posted about this..I have been curious how this stuff works! I'm adding it to my shopping list!!

  2. Ooo! I gotta try this! I imagine it's a pretty good price since it's suave, yes?

  3. Yeah it was less than $3 I think plus I had a Target coupon for 75 cents off Suave hair care products ;0)