Good Reads

I realized I never did a review of Lauren Conrad's book "Style". 

I picked it up at Target (my happy place) and loved it so much that I picked up another copy the following week to send to one of my best friends for her birthday. (we both share a love for all things LC)

The book is great for showing how to style your clothes, how to best pack and dress for a plane trip, and what closet staples you should have. She has great hair and makeup advice as well. Out of all the celebrities out there, I feel like I associate with her style the most and covet her closet more than anyone elses. I don't ever recall thinking to myself, "What was she thinking?!"

The book also helped my ever growing love for a pair of Christian Louboutin heels as Lauren is seen wearing in the above picture, first outfit on the left. 

As for what I'm currently reading.. I just finished "Water for Elephants" and I can't rave about it enough. The book was incredible, and one of the best books I've read since I dug into the Harry Potter series a few years ago. And the best part is, I LOVED the ending! As some know, I gave the Twilight series a try a few months ago and definitely thought the books were better than the movies, but was highly disappointed with the way Stephanie Meyer ended the series, it was just so anti-climatic to me and I was thinking "This is it?! Are you kidding me?! Everything led up to this?!" *Sigh* So it was nice to be extremely satisfied with a book's ending especially one that has been made into a movie starring Robert Pattinson. That was more of a Twilight reference (or Harry Potter.. loved Cedric Diggory!) than a "because he's hot" reference. 

Now that I finished "Water for Elephants" I've been re-reading "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" to refresh myself before the final movie is released this week. *Insert heart pounding enthusiasm* There's just so much incredible detail in the Harry Potter books that they can be re-read over and over again. 


  1. Water for Elephants was one of my top reads of the year for sure!! I was nervous going into it because I had heard such mixed reviews. Now I need to see the movie! I'm also currently re-reading HP, can't wait for the movie!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Both of those books are on my night stand right now! I'm currently reading Something Blue by Emily Griffin!! That's one of the best things about not being in school anymore, you can read books you actually enjoy!!

  3. I've been wanting to try the Emily Griffin books. One of my friends read "Something Borrowed" and has been encouraging me to read her books so I think that's next on my reading list.

  4. Something Borrowed was really good!! The Help is next for me.