Weekend Wrap Up

Why do the weekends always go by so fast? *sigh* The fun from said weekends makes up for it though and gives us something to live for to get through each week :)

Friday we had another happy hour at home.... we made pizza and macaroni and cheese bites and I finally mixed up some 3 Olives Cake and Malibu together and the verdict is YUM! We enjoyed sitting out on the patio while some of our neighbors set off some fireworks *random I know*

I also painted my nails and realized I've been missing my bright pinks so I tried out one of the new polishes I got in my Christmas stocking.

Essie Miami Nice

I also called my mom several times until my dad got home safely in the blizzard so thankful he had my mom's SUV so he had 4WD to get home in white out conditions. Have I mentioned lately how much I do NOT miss Connecticut?

Their cars buried in over 2 feet of snow

Saturday we went to a car show that H had wanted to go to and we enjoyed being outside on a beautiful day instead of being snowed in. Days like that remind us why we moved south. We are forever thankful, but I get super nervous about everyone we love up there during those nasty storms.

I wore an old skirt from when I worked at A&F in college that hasn't fit in what feels like forever... such a great feeling! I paired it with an ON top and sandals from Body Central. 

I struck a pose with the Dumb and Dumber car

H's favorite cars are Porsche's he was a happy boy!

Samples of cake vodka and pineapple juice with a sprinkled rim... yum!

I got to drive the marine truck with the bouncy seat

That night we went out with some friends for some bar food and beer, and we got to play some pool.  

They had a claw machine for the lobsters... poor little guys!

We played teams and H and I got our butts kicked several times :(

Sunday was relaxing, we drove around and checked out some of the real estate listings H's parents are interested in since they're planning on moving down here and joining us in the next few months. Especially after this last storm, they are beyond over living up north. Can't wait to have some family here with us :)

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Hop on over and join Sami and Leeann for Weekend Update and share yours with us.


  1. you are just always the cutest!! and cannot even imagine that snow! crazy!

  2. Fitting into old clothes = the best.

    You definitely got way more accomplished than I did this weekend. Lol

  3. Cheers to fitting into old clothes! (is it too early? Whatever...)
    I, too, am needing some pink polish on my nails. Anything to brighten up this dreary Pacific Northwest day!

  4. Love your nail polish. And that snow is insane! I remember being in DC for "Snowmageddon" and it wasn't nearly as bad. New follower via weekend update!


  5. Omgggg so much snow!!


  6. your weekends always look so fun! That is exciting about your inlaws moving down!!! I can't believe there was so much snow!! That is crazy!

  7. Oh my gosh! That is sooo much snow!!! I love your nail color. :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

  8. You look so cute! And is there a special secret to taking polish pictures? Mine always look so dumb!

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