Cheesy Fondue

As I mentioned before, H and I aren't big on Valentines Day so we usually don't celebrate it and if we decide to we usually stay in and I make fondue and bake something yummy. This year, H got excited about me making fondue and I totally dropped the ball and forgot to pick up everything for it at the grocery store so I promised him we'd celebrate and I'd make it later on over the weekend.

Since I had yesterday off (the heavens open up and you can hear the Hallelujah chorus) I went to the store after my pedicure and picked up everything to surprise H when he got home begrudgingly from work. I got everything to make fondue and red velvet cookies.. ya know to be festive.

Cheese Fondue

1 cup of white wine

1 tbsp. of butter

1 tbsp. of flour

7 oz. of Gruyere cheese

7 oz. of sharp cheddar cheese

7 oz. of Emmentaler cheese

Bring wine to a boil in a sauce pan

Melt the butter in a medium sauce pan, whisk in flour and cook for 5 minutes.

Stir wine into flour mixture slowly then add the cheese.

Stir until cheese is melted.

Transfer to a fondue pot and serve with a variety of dippers. I usually use broccoli, bread, turkey sausage, soft pretzels (H's fav!), and cucumbers. Oh and of course wine :)


  1. LOVE this idea!! and those cookies don't look half bad either. I need to make fondue, looks so fun.

  2. Looks so delicious! I love low-key Valentine's Days :)

  3. this is making my mouth water I LOVE foundue!!!!

  4. Yum! My husband & I used to do fondue all the time back when we were dating, and we were always on the hunt for the perfect recipe. I'd love to give this one a try. :)