Weekend Shopping Shennanigans

Sunday nights are the absolute worst! Can I get an a-men?! As I sit here recapping my weekend I'm in awe again of how quickly they always seem to fly by. But I love reflecting back on the times that make me who I am.

Friday H and I were boring and stayed in and had happy hour at home again which is becoming our favorite Friday evening tradition. Our patio, our food, our booze mixed just right, firepit, H, and our doggy is perfection to me.

Saturday my original plan was to go to the beach, but we did a crap ton of shopping for the house. You know you've done some damage when your feet are aaaaaching. It was a gorgeous day out so we went down to one of my favorite areas for some shopping and an amazing lunch.

We enjoyed lunch outside and had the most amazing bruschetta *my favorite app* and antipasto salad topped off with a yummy Sangria.

Next, we stopped in Pottery Barn to use an old gift card. I of course was drawn right to the candles and accessories but this beautiful vase caught my eye in the color scheme we've been using for our living room. 

~ Vase for our living room once our new furniture comes in (it's more of a light blue, not sure why it photographed green)

~ I went to Sephora for the first time in since December which is huge for me! Stocked up on foundation and bronzer. 

~ Picked up a copy of Peter Pan to add to our Disney collection

I've been wanting to put a big clock up over the archway from the living room into the dining room and I picked up this one and love that it's a mix of roman numerals and regular numbers. Now all that's missing in the living room are our chairs. They're en route and I'll post pics once they're assembled and the room is complete... with a real camera so they're not grainy iphone pics :-P

My favorite buy of the weekend was of course the portrait of the new Yankee Stadium. I added it to our game room to go with all of H's team stuff. I'm so glad I finally have a place in there :)

Oooh and I finally started framing some of our vacation pics that come in those pesky 6x8 prints but you can never find a frame for them. So, I stuck them in 8x10 frames with a black background which worked out great. 

Linkin' up with the awesome Sami for Weekend Shenanigans. Come join us and tell us about your weekend :)


  1. ahh I love peter pan!! I didn't know that was out of the disney vault! I wonder if you can buy it on itunes? next time I come to orlando we are going to drink some sangria!! :) that's my fave!

  2. Way to be strong with Sephora! ;) That sangria sounds amazing right now.

  3. What a great idea with the pictures! I hate how they are such an odd size