Weekend in Pics

It always amazes me how quickly the weekends go by *sigh* so I'm definitely looking forward to my 5 day weekend next week and of course Christmas Eve and Christmas :)

If you follow me on instagram you may have already seen how my weekend went, so I'm sorry for any repeat pictures :-P

Thursday, was my office Christmas party, we went to an amazing Italian restaurant and had our own room and the meal was served family style which was neat. The food was DELISH so I told H we'll definitely have to go back there for dinner some time.

The Christmas tree in the room was beautiful and I loved how they put poinsettas at the base of it, so pretty!

For our secret santa gift exchange this year, we signed it from a cartoon character. The funny thing is my gift was from "Bugs Bunny" and I signed my gift from "Bugs Bunny in drag" exhibit A:


Since I was super sparkly last weekend I decided to wear a lacy skirt for my office party

I loved this outfit except that the skirt poofs out a lot at the hips

Top and rose gold bracelet are from Express
Skirt, tights, and sparkly heels are from Target *my happy place*
Watch is Michael Kors

Friday, we went out for Emily's birthday, but unfortunately we only went to dinner and not out for drinks after since H has had a bad cold the past several days. 

I wore my new sparkly black top and my sparkly silver heels I wore in SIL's wedding

Top and silver bangle are from F21
Jeans are from The Gap
Sparkly heels are from Payless
Watch is Michael Kors

*sorry for the dark pic*

The birthday girl blowing out her candles and opening her gifts. She loves wine, and didn't have one of those "rabbit" wine openers which makes opening wine bottles super easy for you so we got her one in pink. There were several giggles at the table when word got around that we got her a rabbit. We had to keep saying "NO! Not that kind of rabbit!" lol

Earlier that day, I stopped in at Bath & Body Works since their amazingly smelling 3 wick candles were only $8 each!

I also picked up some Sparkling Pink Champagne soap... yes it smells just as yummy as it looks :)

Saturday, we spent the day running around finishing up our Christmas shopping and sending out the packages to our friends and families up in Connecticut. We did a lot of online shopping which was nice, because then I just had things directly shipped up north, but we still had to ship several presents which let me tell you is NOT cheap! Whoooo wee! 

While out shopping, we indulged in Starbucks Buy One Get One special going on this weekend. I got the caramel brulee latte with skim and H got an iced peppermint mocha. 

Once we got home after a long day of shopping, we enjoyed a night in wrapping presents, watching Christmas movies, and hot cocoa.

I also enjoyed some leftover Baileys from our party last weekend... YUM!

And last but certainly not least, I haven't posted my new car! I picked her up on Monday night, a week after my Sentra was totaled. 

I picked out a beautiful white Volkswagen Jetta. I was upset at first about needing a new car since I loved my Sentra and hated how I lost it after only a year, but I'm LOVING my new car!

I especially love the touch screen radio and blue tooth features oh and of course the moon roof!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. great minds think a like...i also got a skim carmel brulee latte today! and those candles are only $8?! Amazing!

  2. Love the new car! :)

    I hate when skirts do that that too. So annoying!