It's OK Thursday

Happy Friday Eve! I feel like today should be Friday, but I'm hoping before we know it, it'll be 5:00 tomorrow and I'll be all ready for my 5 day weekend.. YES PLEASE!

Linkin' up with Amber and Neely  for It's OK Thursday

It's OK that....

~ I'm totally over this work week and am eagerly waiting to be on a mini-vacay for Christmas

~ I'm upset that my parents and my high school bff didn't receive our Christmas card that I sent out 3 weeks ago... I'm wondering who else didn't get theirs. Friggin' post office... boo!

~ I already let H have 2 of his Christmas gifts. He has been acting like an impatient child shaking and poking his gifts under the tree, but I also love seeing how happy he is when I let him have an early present or two.

~ I was offended by the lyrics to Ke$ha's "We're Gonna Die Young" even before everything that happened last Friday :(

~ As much as I'll miss spending the holidays with our families we're both relieved that we don't have to travel and spend the holidays running around trying to see everyone in a few days. Yay for waking up in our own house on Christmas morning!

~ I'm upset that Christmas is almost here and will be over before we know it. I love all the anticipation leading up to it, all the parties, the decorations, the red cups at Starbucks, the aisles and aisles of decorations in stores, etc... 

~ Roxy sometimes ruins our mommy and doggy time with her fish breath... I like to refer to it as "feesh"

~ My grandmother sent us one of those Harry & David gift baskets filled with their candied popcorn, cheese, and meats and H ate it all... ALL of it! I mean of course I didn't want to eat it all or even close to most of it.. but come on now... save me something ya scavenger!

What's OK in your life today?


  1. Hi Kate :)
    My name is Georgina and I found you from the Thursday link-up, I love your blog (especially that gorgeous signature!)
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the holiday season (sorry you didn't get even a morsel of the H&D basket!)

    Now following,

    xo Georgina

  2. My grandma always sends me Harry and David now that I'm married, and I love it. Haha ;)

    Have a great day!

  3. They yanked that song off the air, thankfully. We will be one of those people driving all over..bleh. I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

  4. The post about your husband's gifts! Hilarious! Mine does the same thing. He also thinks it's fun to guess what everything is because he knows I have the WORST poker face when he's right.

  5. Lol, our bully has the worst breath too! How can we fix this?!