Holiday Weekend Halfway Point

When we first decided to stay home this year instead of traveling back up to CT to see our families and friends I thought it was going to be extremely hard on me. But I've honestly been enjoying the fact that we didn't have to race through any airports, do the "tour of Connecticut" (i.e. driving around the state trying to see as many loved ones as possible), and we're very much looking forward to waking up in our own home on Christmas morning. Oh and I haven't felt this relaxed in a very.long.time... which was definitely needed.

Friday, I went to a gift wrapping party at my neighbor's house which was such a great idea for a girls night :)

I brought over some festive cupcakes that were delish

We had such a fun night... good food, lots of wine, and a lot of laughs. Oh and of course tons of gifts were wrapped too. 

So much wine was drunk that our lovely host, Jen, labeled a gift for her nephew as:

To: Camden
From: Uncle Jen

Hilarious! She's a riot, and I love her for it!

On Saturday, I headed over to Target to check out the Neiman Marcus collection again since it's currently 50% off... all of it is half off this week! I was highly anticipating this collection, but once I got to see it all in person I was underwhelmed by the quality of a lot of the items and the prices they were asking for everything. So, I decided to wait to purchase anything until it all went on sale and now that it is, I'm a very happy shopper! 

I went in wanting to pick between the Marc Jacobs pouch in rose gold (my current obsession), the Marc Jacobs scarf, the Jason Wu ornaments, and Robert Rodriguez dress.

I decided against the pouch since it's an odd size... it's too big to be a clutch or a makeup bag so I couldn't really figure out a use for it. But it is really pretty.

I also decided against the dress since all our Christmas party festivities are over for the year so I don't really have anywhere I could wear it as it's not really a New Years Eve party type dress.

However, I picked up both the Marc Jacobs scarf which can be found here and the beautiful Jason Wu ornaments which can be found here

This scarf is beautiful and light weight which is perfect for FL since it only gets chilly enough to wear a scarf a few days each year. But, a light weight scarf will get a lot more use. I love that it's black and shimmery and can go with almost anything.

This picture does NOT give these ornaments justice, they are GORGEOUS! Hands down the best part of the entire collaboration/collection.

So beautiful, I'm so happy I got these and even happier that I got them for 50% off!

I also painted my nails a festive sparkly red

Love this color, I've been using it for the holidays the past couple years. It's so pretty and holds up great.

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!


  1. "Uncle Jen" is hilarious!!

    Love the scarf and the ornaments! Hope you have a FAB Christmas!


  2. I love attacking Target for their after holiday sales - I usually get a few good things for the next year!

    Stopping by from the social :)

  3. love your nails, so pretty! and those jason wu ornaments are incredible! I love them! the party looked like a blast!

  4. SO HAPPY that you all are enjoying a relaxing Christmas and enjoying your time in Florida. I think sometimes even though it's hard to be away from family- it's nice to spend time relaxing and having some downtime!

    Looks like you're having a FABULOUS holiday weekend so far :)

    Merry, Merry Christmas Kate & H!