Happy Olympics Day!

I can't even begin to describe how flingin' flangin' excited I am that the Olympics start today!! The next 17 days will be filled with gymnastics, swimming, diving, track and field, cycling, rowing, and of course medal ceremonies! Whoo hoo! 

Even in all my Olympic sized excitement, we've got a busy weekend ahead of us.. an Olympic themed pub crawl tonight, beach tomorrow, and pool party at our neighbors on Sunday. Oh! And I can't forget that today is Roxy's birthday! Last year I picked her up some doggy cookies that are made of shortbread and this year I ordered her a doggy cake that I'll be picking up after work. Can't wait to watch her go to town!

I've also been extremely tardy in my recap of last weekend's happenings.

Friday, we went to Happy Hour where we enjoyed these delicious concoctions:

This was a margarita made with the new Malibu Red.. DELISH!

Saturday, we went to the beach before going out with friends that night.

Practicing safe sun of course and trying to finish my Bethenny book

We came across this serious looking sandcastle

Before heading out for the evening, I whipped up some Buffalo Chicken Dip which we all munched on.

The boys did 3 Olives Cake and the girls did Malibu Red

He's gotta girly drink and he don't care! Everyone was busting on him for his drink. I thought it was tasty! It was 3 Olives Cake with pineapple and cranberry juice. Basically it was a Malibu Baybreeze but substituting the Malibu with 3 Olives Cake.

Silly boys

Ummm no thanks?

Then, on Sunday we went out for one of neighbor's birthday. We had so much fun and it was so nice to be out downtown with our neighbors.

Neighborly love


  1. I am excited too!!! HAPPY OPENING CEREMONIES!! ;) ox

  2. YAY for the Olympics... I'm sooo fricken excited LOL!

    {Happy Birthday to Roxy!!!}

    <3 Melissa