Sunday Social ~ Travel

Hope everyone has been having a fantabulous weekend, I'm taking a time out to link up with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social. Hop on over and join the fun on this beautiful weekend morning :)

Best trip you've ever been on?

~ Our honeymoon to Fiji was absolutely incredible. We're still in awe that we were there.

Snorkeling the South Pacific

We hiked to the waterfalls at Bouma National Park


Best idea for a girl's weekend trip?

~ Pretty much anywhere would be fun with the girls... beach weekend in Miami or pool parties in Vegas, but ultimately I would love a girls weekend in Napa Valley. Wine tastings, spa hopping, shopping, etc..


Best idea for a couple's trip?

~ A relaxing tropical getaway like the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, etc..

Best vacation on the cheap?

~ Now that we live in FL the Caribbean is a short flight away and we can just drive to the cruise ports which is super convenient and much cheaper than coming from up north. Plus, we're only a drive away from Miami, Key West, Marco Island, etc.. and we love it! 

Place you most want to visit?

~ The next big trip on the docket is either a Mediterranean Cruise or a trip to Paris and London. Neither of us have "hopped the pond" yet so we're super excited to finally cross the Atlantic to Europe. We laugh that we crossed the Pacific, the equator, and the International Dateline to get to Fiji but haven't been to Europe. 

Hands down our favorite hobby is traveling. We have a HUGE list of places we'd like to visit that ranges from South Africa, the Maldives, all over Europe, Brazil, Iceland, Japan, Bali, Alaska, Hawaii, Egypt, India, etc.... Ooh and we want to swim float in the Dead Sea. My grandparents did and said it was an experience of a lifetime! 

Vacation/Travel Necessities?

~ Passport, Kindle Fire, and camera.

For beach trips: Beach hat, sunscreen, aloe, bathing suits, cover ups, sundresses, sandals, and cash for tips and souvenirs. 

For city trips: comfortable walking shoes, GPS (if in the U.S. and driving/renting a car), and electrical adapters if traveling to another country that doesn't use the same type of outlets as the U.S. (we did this for Fiji so we could charge our laptop and cell phones for the trip home... life saver!) 

This post makes me want to book our next vacay NOW! 0:-)


  1. Fiji looks incredible!

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  2. Fiji looks BEAUTIFUL! I love it :) I also think a weekend in Napa would be a fun!

  3. It sounds like you have traveled to some amazing places! Lucky girl. :)
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