It's Ok Thursday

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It's Ok That....

~ I didn't feel like cooking last night and just had H throw a frozen pizza in the oven.. and it was gooood.

~ I'm dreading my birthday next month since it's my last birthday in my 20's. I remember being excited to be a teenager, how am I almost 30? Wowzers!

~ I refuse to fly any airline other than Jet Blue or Southwest when flying domestically. 

~ I enjoy mixing peanut butter and nutella on my morning toast

~ I've never been to a midnight opening of a movie. Not even for Harry Potter! I always went on opening day, but not for the midnight showing. 

~ I probably won't make it to the new Batman at all this weekend. 

~ I've been to the beach only twice so far this summer... that needs to change pronto! 

~ I get excited every time I get my ESPN update on my phone that the Yankees won :)

~ I enjoy my walks with Roxy every night as much as she does

~ I'm beyond excited that the countdown til the start of the Olympics is in the single digits!

What's ok in your life today?


  1. Peanut butter & nutella? Yum! We had a frozen pizza night on Monday, it was amazing!

  2. Yessss I am soo freaking excited for the Olympics! :)

    Love your blog! Stop by and say hi sometime!

  3. Ditto on the Olympics... I seriously can't wait!!!

    <3 Melissa

  4. Frozen pizza night is ALWAYS a good idea :)