Follow ups and the most adorable ice cream ever!

I can't believe I told the whole story of how I got a new Kate Spade bag for free and in case you missed it you can find it here and never came back with a picture of it when it came in. One of the many things I love about Kate Spade is how fast their shipping is. It was ordered on Friday night and it got to me on Tuesday afternoon.

It's such a pretty bag, but I honestly haven't started using it yet. I've kept it looking pretty in the packaging it came in and will transport it to our new house that we're closing on in 6 DAYS and then I'll probably start using it. I still can't believe how this all happened and how lucky I am to have such a great boss.

Also, I promised in my last post I'd come back and give my review on the Sephora brand bronzer that I decided to try out after using MAC's Refined Golden bronzer for several years. Drum roll please...... the results are I love it! I'm saving over $10 with this bronzer and I honestly love it even more than MAC's. It really blends well after I put on my foundation and it feels lighter and more natural on my skin than my old bronzer.

Just like the description on Sephora, it's a melt into your skin bronzer that blends effortlessly thanks to the silky micronized pigments. I highly recommend it even if you've been faithful to another bronzer for years and years like I had been. You can find it on Sephora's website. I ordered mine in the color "Aruba" since it looked the most comparable to my MAC Refined Golden bronzer.

And I thought everyone could use a little cuteness to complete their Friday afternoon. H and I went to get ice cream the other night and remembered that they have a sign saying "Free Doggy Sundaes for any dog that's present at the time of purchase". So we brought Roxy so she could get her free doggy sundae. Absolutely adorable!

Needless to say, she enjoyed it!

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