Since when does red wine = a new Kate Spade bag?

So, back in April I did a blog post for my Wardrobe Wants and one of them was the Kate Spade Sugar Hill Medium Seraphine bag.

But then I found out about a 40% off outlet sale, and picked up my new Kate Spade bag there instead. Found here.

Well we were getting ready to go out last night with a bunch of people from my work, and as we were on our way out the door, I turned to H and said, "Should I bring my big bag, or just use a wristlet?" He of course didn't know the answer and said to do whatever I wanted. I figured I needed a lot of the stuff in my every day bag, so I just decided to bring that.

We started off the night at a mexican restaurant that is near the train tracks, and every time the train goes by people cheer and do "train shots" of tequila.

Fun times!

We then went back to my boss' house to hang out in his game room, shoot some pool, drink his alcohol, and the boys to smoke his cigars...

I was playing a rather terrible game of pool (I'm rusty to say the least) and we heard some commotion and look up and like it was in slow motion I saw my boss' wife tip over a large glass of red wine all over my purse.

She felt terrible and immediately started cleaning it, and my boss just casually says, "Don't worry we'll get you a new one". My jaw dropped, and I tried politely declining saying not to worry about it, but he was adamant and went and got his lap top and pulled up the Kate Spade website and told me to pick a new purse. SERIOUSLY! I was still in shock from the spill, but in even more shock that they were so casually offering to replace it. All the girls gathered around in awe that in a matter of a few seconds I was able to just be hanging out and then be picking out a new Kate Spade bag. So after going through the website and asking everyone's opinion, I ended up picking the bag I had been lusting over a few months ago. It's being shipped to me at work so I should have it sometime next week. Incredible! I seriously have the best boss ever! I just felt so bad, I mean I know his wife didn't mean to spill the wine, it was an accident, and to just get a new designer bag out of the deal is just unheard of to me! I thanked them profusely throughout the night and told them they were too much. On the way home, H and I reflected back to my decision making skills before leaving for the evening and taking the big every day bag as opposed to the wristlet which wouldn't have stained due to the different types of material.

So that was my Friday night, how was yours?


  1. Uhhh, HECK YEAH!!!!! Dang, is your boss hiring . . . or adopting??!! Lol!!! Can't wait to see the new purse!! :)

  2. Haha.. everyone always asks me if my boss is hiring! I seriously have an amazing job and I count my blessings every day. I just told my mom this crazy story and she was in awe of how generous he and his wife are and she of course told me I should write them a thank you note. I love my mom..

  3. I am crazy for handbags. Next week i am going to beach party and i am looking for Kate Spade Beach Bag. I did not get any eye catching bag yet. I hope to get one soon. Thanks for the post!