4 Weeks Baby! 4 WEEKS!

Anyone who loves the tv show Friends will understand the title to this blog post.. except Monica was referring to her upcoming wedding with Chandler, I'm referring to our close date on our house! H has called me Monica on a number of occasions, so I take pride in channeling my inner Monica Gellar hyphen Bing!

I can't believe we are on track to close on our new home this month, and my ticker on TN shows 4 weeks today. Incredible! We've been taking a lot of progress pictures that I've uploaded to Facebook, but have neglected to post on here or in my link for our house at the top of my blog. I've been majorly slackin' and I promise to update that link soon.

It's starting to look like a house! Just a week and a half ago, all we had were the bricks for the 1st floor. Man alive they're moving fast!

The 2 story living room. One of the biggest reasons we fell in love with this floor plan. We love the 2 story grand entrance with the open staircase that leads upstairs.

Master Suite

Part of master bathroom leading into my other favorite feature of the house... the master closet!

Back of the house.. our property line goes much farther back and we've already requested that they remove more of the brush and trees to expand our yard.

H stopped by the house today and said the windows are in, the pre-wiring for the electrical work and the AC is all set, and they're set to finish the roof and start the drywall inside early next week! So exciting! We are so ready to move in and are completely over apartment living! It's amazing how the little annoyances of apartment life became magnified as soon as we realized we would be moving into our own home. 

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