A Belated Post

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I'm so thankful for all our hardworking troops and for everything they've done for our country. I also can't believe my brother's graduation from the marines is only a few weeks away!

I've been having the worst time trying to post this blog post.. I started it on Monday night and tried to upload my own photos of my purchases this weekend, and it would just continuously say "Uploading". I tried again last night (Tuesday) and it did the same thing. So please excuse the very tardy "Happy Memorial Day" opening line. Is anyone else having this problem? For some reason, it's now working here at work, but now I have to use google images/stock photos since I don't have my camera with me.

I took advantage of the Kate Spade outlet sale and picked up two new bangles for only $25 total! They were already marked down to $18 and $22 and then I got the extra 40% discount from the sale.

So Far So Good bangle

A Blue Streak bangle

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