Mondays aren't so bad...

... when you receive your long awaited Sephora purchase in the mail! Why is it that you always seem to run out of a bunch of your fashion and beauty supplies at once? Seriously! I never just run out of blush.. I run out of erase paste, blush, bronzer, and highlighting powder all at once...  and of course right before we close on our house next week!

So, I placed an order last Monday for everything but the highlighting powder and it arrived today at work. Yippee!

I love Erase Paste! Thanks to heredity no matter how much sleep I get and how refreshed I am, I always have dark circles under my eyes. *Sigh* I've tried many creams and concealers over the years, and then I discovered Benefit's Erase Paste at Sephora. This is my 3rd jar in the past year, so even though it's a tiny jar, it lasts several months and the best part.. it works! 

I've been using MAC's Refined Golden bronzer for years and years and years, but I decided to try something new since I needed bronzer and I was really close to the $50 purchase for free shipping so I decided to try out Sephora. I'll definitely come back and give a review of it compared to MAC. 

Just like the bronzer, I had always used MAC's blush, but the last time I ran out of blush, I gave Sephora's brand a try and I love it! So I ordered it again, but next time I'd like to finally try out NARS that everyone raves about. 

Freebies! My favorite part of ordering from Sephora online is the 3 free samples with every order, plus I had an offer code so I got a free sample of Super Goop as well which is a shea butter 30 SPF lip balm. I also got a sample of Daisy by Marc Jacobs, an exfoliating mask, and a sample of Twirl by Kate Spade. Believe it or not, I've never sampled Twirl before. It smells yummy! 


  1. I've got to try that erase paste! I have the same under eye problem and I can't find anything!

  2. Definitely try it! I just dab it on with my fingertips which I found is much more effective then rubbing it in ;0)

  3. Stopping by from Jenna's... I love your blog! I am also obsessed with Erase Paste! Don't know what I'd do without it! I LOVE the samples from Sephora too! I found my favorite perfume that way!

  4. I don't know what I'd do without Erase Paste either.. it's my go-to every day but on tired days it's a life saver!