Weekending Catch Up

I may be a week late, but am playing catch up from all the fun had last weekend with family and celebrating a friend's birthday over the best meal of the week - brunch.

Lil' Miss had another baseball game on Saturday morning where she was the only player on her team to get a base hit off a pitch instead of the tee. Did I mention she's the only girl on the team? After a quick dip in the pool, and some lunch at home we headed down to Universal for some rides and of course more food. Each time we go, we try out new-to-us rides, and mix in some old favs.

We started off in Islands of Adventure where I finally got on The Hulk (it rained and shut down the past few times I was standing in line), my husband tried out VelociCoaster while I took Lil' Miss on the Pteranodon Flyers Fliers and to the Jurassic Playground. We then took the Hogwarts Express over to Universal Studios, had some Butter Beer, and re-rode the Simpsons Ride before trying out Jimmy Fallon's Race through NYC and the Minions ride. We were exhausted after, but already can't wait to go back for more!

On Sunday, we celebrated one of our good friend's birthdays over brunch at The Osprey. I broke back out one of my favorite resort dresses that I always pack for warm weather vacations, and it did not disappoint. Such an effortlessly pretty piece to wear in the heat, and I love how airy and flowy it is when indulging in all the food, 

Disclaimer - I don't even eat seafood (I'm allergic - womp womp), and thought this spread was too pretty not to capture. 

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  1. Love the birthday celebration and proud of your little one for her baseball prowess at the game!

  2. I don't eat seafood either, but not because I'm allergic... I just don't like it. Lol. People always think I'm crazy when I say that! Haha. Looks like another great weekend! I love that y'all take full advantage of being so close to Universal!

  3. I love that your little one is the only girl on the team! Cutest. Looks like another fun family weekend in the books xo



  4. Aww congrats to your little miss on her base hit! She is adorable in this pics! Looks like such a fun weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. I don't eat seafood either. I'm not allergic, I just plain old don't like it!! How fun to have Universal so close, and you can visit frequently. I think it would be fun to go, but I don't think my body could handle multiple days at the park.

  6. That dress is so pretty! You have so many delicious looking restaurants in your area!! Yum!