Fall Florals and Gowns

I can't believe that not only are we in the latter half of the month of August, but that fall is almost around the corner. Lil' Miss started kindergarten last week at her new big girl school (queue the momma who wasn't quite ready yet tears), and my cousin's wedding that she has been planning for the past two and a half years is in just a few more weeks. I'm looking forward to flying back up north to see family again after what seems like forever, Lil' Miss having some much needed cousin time and my husband and I escaping to Cape Cod for a few days to relax and attend the family wedding. 

Before we head up north for all of the festivities, I am going to change over the decor around the house to some of my favorite fall touches. I want to incorporate more dried floral table arrangements that will compliment the pumpkins, candles and my favorite little trucks and bales of hay. The entryway table, dining room, coffee table and bar cart will all be spruced up and extra festive with the fun pops of color that will be perfect for the new season. I'm also excited to see the tablescapes and florals my cousin has chosen for her wedding, and am sure there will be some coastal New England and fall charm mixed in. 

This will be our first ever black tie wedding, so my usual cocktail dresses just wouldn't do. Who am I to deny an opportunity to not only go shopping, but to get all dolled up and fancy? I ended up choosing this satin navy blue number, and just need to get it hemmed since it's a tad bit long even with 4 inch heels on. I'm already clumsy enough without any extra help from tripping over my gown - ha! I plan to pair it with a fab pair of heels and a simple clutch.

We also looked into pricing for tux rentals, and it just made more sense to purchase a classic tux that my husband will be able to use for any other upcoming black tie attire events. I love that we both went with navy blue, and we have these formal looks for future shindigs. Can you tell that I love to get dressed up?

Satin Maxi Dress in Navy Blue {only $68}

Now, I need to figure out what to do with my hair. Other than a basic ponytail or bun, my hair is usually down and blow dried straight. Every time I have attempted soft waves or curls they fall flat pretty quickly and it's just not worth the time spent for them to disappear quicker than a magic trick. 

I continued the blue trend, and scooped up this midi dress for the day after brunch. I'm not sure what the weather will be like as it could be really warm or quite chilly for that time of year. So, I'll also arrive armed with a wrap and a jacket. 

Lace Midi Dress in Royal Blue {comes in 3 colors}

Between all that's been going on professionally, building my portfolio, balancing blog campaigns, birthday celebrations (hello birthday month), Lil' Miss starting the new school year, preparing for our upcoming trip and starting to plan a certain little girl's sixth birthday party (seriously - how is she going to be SIX already?!) I need to start planning now how to decorate our home to fully embrace the upcoming new season. How do you like to add special touches for each season around your home? I can always use some extra inspiration!

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  1. That navy dress is gorgeous! Y'all have so much fun at the wedding! I love a wedding... any excuse to get dressed up and dance!

  2. I can't believe your little miss is already in Kindergarten! Love both of the dresses you picked! They're going to be gorgeous on you!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. Ahh I'm jealous of your black tie event! I am longing for an excuse to dress up and feel pretty (and dance!). I also love the dress you chose for brunch. Perfect for Cape Cod at this time of year!!

  4. I love black tie events. I love the blue dress that you chose. Well both of them!

  5. I can totally see you in both these dresses. Eek you’re going to look so beautiful. I’m so glad big girl school is going great!!

  6. That dress is gorgeous! Love the tux too. I cannot believe the girls turn 6 this year. It is blowing my mind. I am ready to pull out all the fall decor over here. I will refrain until at least Aug 31 or Step 1 to go full on. But I have already started making pumpkin coffees.