Life is Beautiful in St. Maarten

And just like that... vacation has come and gone. We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary in St. Maarten after plans changed, and my parents still haven't moved down to Florida (they were supposed to be here after the holidays, but some health related issues have kept them up north near their current specialists) so no babysitter for us to fly to Hawaii just the 2 of us. And you know what? That's ok. I love showing my daughter the world, but am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for an adults only trip in the near future. We changed gears and chose an island much closer to home to celebrate as a family because we all know a 10 hour flight would have been super fun with a five year old - ha! 

That hammock was a hit with all of us after dinner and in the morning before hitting the beach or the pool. Lil' Miss was upset when we'd walk by, and it was occupied. I had to remind her to be patient, and that everyone wants to relax by the beautiful water. And that water - unreal! St. Maarten is officially my new favorite Caribbean island since my all time favorite is Bermuda but we all know that's not in the Caribbean (Bermuda is in the Atlantic off the coast of the Carolinas - much farther north than the Caribbean). 

A welcome glass of bubbles as we checked in was much appreciated after a hectic travel day (we barely made our connecting flight, and grabbed the quickest to-go lunch ever before boarding). Lil' Miss was proud of her latest passport stamp, and she officially loves to travel like we do. Although, I'll be so sad when we have to renew her passport and we lose her 2 year old picture where she's sporting the cutest chubby little cheeks. 

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On the 2nd night, I wore this tie front romper to dinner which got two thumbs up from Lil' Miss (my worst critic lol) and it was the perfect resort wear piece. I envision pulling it out again for upcoming date nights or girls nights out. Unfortunately, the lighting isn't doing it justice - it's such a fabulous piece! 

My husband booked a luxury catamaran day to celebrate our anniversary, and of course Lil' Miss was also living her best life. We stopped at 3 different beaches, went snorkeling, had a BBQ lunch, open bar and lots of jumps off the boat. 

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**Boat Hair Don't Care**

Cheers to 12 years

Back at the resort we went to a restaurant where you cook your food on a hot rock, and of course ordered champs to celebrate. A quick family photo and a stop at the evening entertainment on the beach was a must. 

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*Somebody discovered smoothies and couldn't get enough*

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  1. St Maarten is so much fun! Love reading your trip recap! We went for our honeymoon and again when our daughter was about 11. I'd love to go back one day!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. You guys certainly made the most of the trip!! So glad that everyone had a great time and you guys will get back to Hawaii soon - I'm sure of it!

  3. Your vacation looks amazing. I have always wanted to go to St. Maareten. I love reading the recaps!

  4. Oh what a gorgeous place! It looks like you made the most of it even though it wasn't your first choice. I hope y'all are able to make it to Hawaii soon!