Baby You're a Firework

I am of course in a state of disbelief that we are already well into July, but we rang in the 4th with fireworks, face painting, pool time, lots of grilling and another trip to Universal Studios. 

We were nervous about the weather, since it was a soggy day before the fireworks. But, thankfully the skies cleared just in time. Lil' Miss got her face painted, and we supported a lot of the local vendors that had tents or food trucks at the event and the live music was also fun before the main event.Totally worth risking the weather!

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On the 3rd of July we risked the crowds and went to Universal for the day to take further advantage of our new annual passes. We went right to the Escape from Gringotts ride only to wait in line for a while before it was shut down due to technical difficulties. Womp womp. We brought Lil' Miss over to Fievel's Play Area for the splash pad and slides, and set an alert for the re-opening. The alert came through while we were on the E.T. ride, and no one but me cared about it anymore at that point so I ran back over to the single rider line and was on and off in a matter of minutes. Yes please!

A Jaws Drink experience was on deck - HINT you can experience this drink at the Chez Alcatraz stand in the San Francisco area. Definitely worth it! The bartender goes all out and it's delish!

Extra pool time on the 4th in festive suits, and Lil Miss had her first baseball game the following weekend. She was proud albeit super hot and sweaty, but still prefers gymnastics. We told her she needs to stick with it until the end of the season, and then we can try something new.

On Sunday, we celebrated one our girlfriend's birthdays over bottomless brunch. YUM! As always, it was good for the soul to catch up with some of my favs and the laughs are also endless. Love my crew!

This romper made another appearance after donning it in a few weeks ago in St. Maarten. The perfect piece to beat the summer heat! 

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  1. It looks like your daughter had a fun 4th! Escape from the Gringotts is favorite ride at Universal! You look amazing in that romper!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. Sounds like you guys had a good 4th. We were down at the beach all week, it was so hot. I always tell Zoe that she can chose whichever activities she wants, but she is committed for an entire season. We haven't ventured into baseball or soccer.

  3. How fun! And I love her little face painting. Se festive!


  4. What a fun time! I loooove that romper on you. You look fabulous!