Travel Must Haves

With our upcoming trip across the pond I've not only been ridiculously excited, but I've also been thinking of must-haves for the plane ride and once we're there.
Travel Must Haves

~ A jean jacket since it'll be chillier over there than it is here

~ Sunscreen is always important when being outside all day

~ My favorite pair of sunnies

~ A pocket umbrella in case the skies open up unexpectedly

~ A good camera... I vow not to take the majority of my pics in Europe on my iPhone

~ Hand sanitizer, because the last thing anyone wants is to be sick on vacay

~ Kindle for reading and watching movies on the plane

~ Passport which is the absolute most important item I'll pack!

~ My rose gold MK watch so I'll know when the locals are taking a siesta in Spain and when to re-board the ship during our cruise.

~ A pretty set of luggage

~ Wipes to clean my hands, take excess oil off my face, and of course to wipe down items to prevent the spread of germs. Yes... I'm that girl.

~ Sleep mask and neck pillow for the long flight

~ Power outlet adapters so I don't brown out western Europe :-P

~ A cute cross-body bag to carry the necessities in while site-seeing

~ Makeup brush travel set, I plan on taking my new rose gold set.

~ Makeup bag to carry my every day essentials for easy packing and unpacking since we'll be staying in 2 hotels and taking a cruise.

What are your travel essentials?


  1. mine are: my tablet, my USB loaded with extra shows/books/movies, water, my argan oil and i always pack an extra change of clothes in my carryon in case my luggage gets lost!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. So jealous you're traveling! Where is the cruise to??

  3. Cross body purses are my favorite must haves for any travel! Perfect list! Enjoy your trip :-)

  4. I love that rose gold MK watch!! I've been looking for a new watch recently, I will have to check this one out!

  5. I also always pack a few energy bars, just in case you want a really quick breakfast without having to take the time out of your day. You'll have so much fun on your trip!

  6. I think you covered it all! I also like carrying a few favorite snacks for the plane

  7. Love that watch! My tablet is a must, and the neck pillow really comes in handy.

  8. Oh give me that crossbody bag now I LOVE it! I'm going to refer back to this post before my next trip- these are all items I forget EVERY TIME (sunglasses, bags besides my suitcases, watch, ugh!)

  9. I do water and snacks for the plane, my eye mask (yours is awesome!), face wipes, hand wipes, hand lotion, lip balm, book, notepad.

    I always bring a neck pillow but never end up using it.

  10. So jealous you get to go overseas BUT this is a great list :)

  11. Getting so excited for you! My travel essentials are lots of layers, lotion & hand sanitizer, a good book and snacks since I'm always hungry!

  12. I love that passport case and yes, definitely bring your nice camera! I want to see all of your pretty pictures when you get back! Have so much fun!

  13. Good suggestions! Thanks for sharing :)