Happiness Is....

I was experiencing a little writers block today, and when I stumbled upon Erin and Sarah's 32 things that make me happy link up today I felt a ray of sunshine fall down on my lil' blog.

We all have our every day struggles and things weighing heavy on our hearts, and I love to remember all the positive things in our lives. And there are numerous things that make me happy, so 32 is only going to be the tip of the ice burg of what makes me happy :)

1. My life in the sunshine state... words can't express how happy I am that we packed up and moved from dreary cold CT to beautiful sunny FL. Every day I wake up and see the sunshine and the palm trees when everyone up north is complaining about yet another snowstorm and it's spring. Yep... happiness.

2. My adorable fatty ~ Roxy

3. Fresh pedicures

4. Margaritas... especially when enjoyed on a patio by the water or even better... IN the water

5. Sephora

6. Bubble Baths

7. Stretchy pants... as soon as I get home from anywhere the first thing I do is get into a socially unacceptable comfy outfit.

8. Pool parties and BBQ's

9. Homemade baked goodies

10. Nights by the fire pit

11. Coffee with the best advice ever

12. And of course cake... mmmmm cake

13. Target *my happy place*

14. Impractical Jokers marathons

*If you don't have time to watch the whole video fast-forward to the 2:55 mark*

15. Luke Bryan

16. Outdoor Concerts

17. My boys in pinstripes

18. Traveling.... there is seriously nothing better to spend your hard earned $$ on ;-)

Flying over the mountains of the Fijian islands on our honeymoon *priceless*

Hiking through the rain forest to beautiful waterfalls in Fiji *priceless*

Ziplining in Honduras

Parasailing in Key West

*You can find more of my adventures under my travel tab at the top of the page*

Next up is eating our way through Chicago and exploring Barcelona and Lisbon... flingin' flangin' excited!

19. To piggyback off traveling... cruising. Hands down my favorite way to travel! Can't wait to board the Norwegian Epic next month in Barcelona!!!

20. Guacamole... I could eat it with a spoon

21. Beach days

22. Meeting celebs... so surreal to see them in the flesh!

Dwight Howard

JJ Redick

Teresa from RHONJ

Terry Crews

23. New shoes

24. Amazing friends

25. Wine and champagne

*Champs is always a good idea*

26. Peonies

27. Watching my brother graduate from basic training to become a U.S. Marine

28. Flying Jet Blue in lieu of pretty much every other airline

29. Anything sparkly

30. Harry Potter *obsessed*

31. Bath & Body Works 3 wick candles

32. Marrying my best friend

*My love and my rock*

Come join us and share your 32 happies :)


  1. Great list! Travel, beach days, friends, my dogs would all make my list too. And Target, of course.

  2. Yes yes yes and yes. Words cannot express how much I miss living in Florida. Talk about paradise! Also I love your Tory Burch flip flops!!


  3. I second that moving to Florida is the best thing you could have done. You sure aren't missing out on anything here. It snowed a few days ago! Love the Mohegan cup ;)

  4. So jealous of your constant sunshine! Guacamole would totally make my list, and sparkles of course! There were so many great things on the list, I'm trying to remember all the ones I loved. I definitely smiled while I read it- so now you're happy and so am I!

  5. Yes to all of this! I looked at that guacamole picture twice.. it looks sooo good! I could eat that whole bowl in one sitting!

  6. Quit it with the warm weather, BBQ's and poolside firepits or I am moving in!! Margarita's and Champagne are a must. My pup and Target would be on my list too.

  7. Fantastic list. I agree with the beach and Target and anything sparkly!!!

  8. Because of number 4 and number 6 you are now my best friend!

  9. Ok - I think we are the same person. You know my jealousy of Florida, but I didn't know you were a Yankee fan too!! Can't wait to creep on your past travels!

  10. Between bulldogs, guacamole, harry potter and 3 wick candles, I must admit you have to be the coolest person ever :)


  11. love your 32 happy list, especially sunny florida, bath and body works candle, bubble baths.lol

  12. Love your list :) I think I would put most on my list of happies :)