Top 5 Things I love about living in Florida

Lisa is hosting a fun linkup asking us to talk about the 5 things we love most about living in our state. Growing up in CT wasn't all bad as I may portray sometimes, and there are times I miss being able to drive up to Mohegan Sun or explore the wine trail of amazing wineries on the weekends, but without a doubt I love love love living in Florida.

Top 5 Things I Love About Living in Florida

1. Year round outdoor living

Growing up in Connecticut, my favorite months of the year were by far in the summer time, and I hated being cooped up inside for months on end while it was bitterly cold outside. Being able to enjoy breakfast on the patio in January or go for a nice bike ride in February is priceless. And you can't beat the abundant sunshine while the north is experiencing dreariness. It puts a smile on my face even on a Monday morning.

This pic was taken at brunch a few weeks ago... in February... yep.

2. No state income tax

CT nickeled and dimed us for everything... state income taxes coming out of our paychecks, car taxes every year, and everything from gas and groceries was more expensive due to high taxes. Here in Florida, there is no state income tax (thanks tourism!) and we no longer pay car taxes and everything is just cheaper. Gas prices are consistently 30-50 cents a gallon cheaper here. 

3. Disney World

I love being able to get in the car and go to Disney World whenever my heart desires. Plus, I love the amazing FL resident discounts and annual pass options. Our annual pass has already paid for itself and then some several visits ago and it's only March. 

Also, it doesn't hurt that the first official replica of Hogwarts castle is just down the road as well at Universal. 

4. Endless options for easy vacations and weekend getaways

No longer needing to fly to a cruise port saves lots of $$ and time... huge bonus for someone who loves cruising as much as I do. Plus those weekend sailings to the Bahamas are the perfect last minute getaway.

The Keys, Miami, Naples, St. Pete Beach, etc... are all a drive away. Great for weekend getaways :)

5. Spring Training

My boys in pinstripes are down here for a couple months in the springtime and it's a much more intimate setting compared to the large major league stadiums during the regular season.

What do you love about your state?


  1. Yes to all of it (except spring training - I'm not into sports haha) but living here has SO much to offer, it's pretty awesome!

  2. This was a really fun read! How did I not know Florida had no state income tax? Lifetime West Coaster ignorance I guess! I've visited FL a few times but you make a pretty convincing case for living there. I think if I ever have to leave CA, FL will be top of my list. Outdoor living is the best! -Gina
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  3. All of that sounds pretty damn good.

    I want to get to spring training next year!

  4. florida is one of my fav states; i plan on retiring there when i'm old and crotchety because if this bitch can't take the cold now, there is NO WAY i'll be able to take it when i'm old and decrepit!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. You got great reasons for living in Florida. The weather is definitely my favorite part about living in Florida!!

  6. ah, it's SO nice to be outside basically ALL year round, isn't it! :)

  7. Ummm okay you have me sold. When can I move in?!

  8. I have lived so many other places but once I found FL....I'm not leaving for sure!

  9. You win on the NO tax! I'm Jealous!! I've been to Florida many many times, and have ALWAYS loved it. I think If I couldn't live in Cali, I'd live in FLORIDA! We have the ports too, however most of the cruises we go on we've had to come to florida to go! So I would not mind moving to Florida!
    I love the beaches, Universal(we have in Cali too) and Disney world (better than DL),
    Thanks for linking up girlie! xo

  10. I love HP world, I had so much fun when I was there. I have to come back when they finish all the updates!!

  11. I am right there with you!! Florida is amazing!! Up here on the Gulf Coast is a little further away from South FL, but just as beautiful!!

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  12. Yes yes yes! I've had plans to move to Florida when I retire since I was like 12! I had no idea about the state income tax, that is awesome. Illinois totally nickles and dimes us for everything, too - especially living in Chicago and paying all the ridiculous city taxes. Can't wait to be down there in a couple weeks! :)

  13. All 5 are great reasons to love living in Florida! I do not know who couldn't love those reasons.. They would be crazy not too :)

  14. Gosh this makes me miss Florida! We were so spoiled getting stationed in Pensacola!


  15. I can't name very many things that I love about my state, but I sure can name a LOT of things I love about your state! Ha

  16. It's so cool to find a Fl blogger, and I can totally see the Orlando Jello mold in the back, LOL.
    We do have a pretty good state, even with all the crazies in it :)