Beat the Shine + A Giveaway

With the temps warming back up and spring on the horizon, all I can imagine is how much an oil slick my face will be. Thankfully, there are a lot of great products out there to fight that excess oil on our faces and keep them looking matte.

Beat the Shine

I know it seems counter productive to beating excess shine, but the first thing you should do before applying anything on your face in the morning is a good moisturizer. If you're not moisturizing your face, it'll overproduce oils to make up for it. Yick.

After applying moisturizer, apply primer to your face and to your eyelids. I have always been a huge advocate for UD's Primer Potion it is hands down the best product I've ever tried. Your eye makeup isn't going anywhere all day no matter how hot it is. I then use matte foundation powder and dust some matte setting powder over it and finish it off with UD's All Nighter spray which sets your makeup so it doesn't "melt" off in the heat. I also keep a packet of oil absorbing sheets in my purse that soak up excess oil throughout the day.

How do you prevent shine in the warmer months?


Also, I'm happy to celebrate along with Kate the Almost Great for hitting 1,000 followers! We're giving away a $100 gift card to J. Crew just in time to grab some spring/summer fashion. 


  1. I love the primer potion and I've been hooked on the oil absorbing sheets for years! I really want to try the stay flawless primer! Thanks for sharing and happy Friday :-)

  2. i dont know. when the warmer months come around here, i'll let you know!! it snowed yesterday. boo.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I'm still yet to try that Hope in a Jar but the oil absorbing sheets are great to carry in your purse!

  4. The UD eye primer and setting spray are both must haves!! I used to use the Clean & Clear sheets when I was in middle school and had oily skin and they were amazing!

  5. My skin is soooooo crazy oily from the humidity here. I have found that the Kat Von D foundation powder has really helped me. I also carry lots of tissues to blot my face!! Thanks for sharing these other products too!!

  6. Bring on the warm temps and Spring like yesterday! Puhleese! Happy weekend ;)