Pretty Things

I had been holding onto a $50 gift card for Coach to use towards the purchase of a new handbag, but I took advantage of the big sale at the Kate Spade outlets a few weeks ago and got a nice new bag there. So I decided to use my gift card to get a new wristlet. I have a great Coach wristlet that's gold, but I've been wanting a silver or black one as well. So I picked up this one and only had to pay an extra $1.37 because of taxes after using my gift card.

And I'm not the only one who got something new! Roxy got a nice new collar this weekend since her old one was getting worn out and dirty. She's pretty in pink! (and sleeping of course)


  1. Awww, why are sleeping dogs so cute?!! Love your new wristlet - very pretty!!

  2. I love it when they sleep! I think I have more pictures of her sleeping then when she's awake because she falls asleep in the funniest ways sometimes.