Backyard Beauty

This spring I became aware of yet another beautiful landscape here in Florida. Aside from all the beautiful palm trees that remind me and H every day of how beautiful the area is that we live in now (especially during all those winter months that our original home which was Connecticut was dreary, cold, and everything was dead) my new love is for Magnolia trees which are only found here in the south. About a month ago, I started noticing these beautiful trees that looked almost perfect with shiny leaves and big beautiful white flowers blossoming from it's branches. I asked around, and was told they are Magnolia trees.

Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia tree without the flower blossoms

When H and I met with the builder last week for our home, we also went over landscaping. We told him we'd like a mix of tall and short palm trees and a few magnolias. I'd like a few in the backyard so they can cross pollenate and they'll be gorgeous to look at in the spring when they're in full bloom from our back patio and pool.

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