I Love Surprises!

First of all, Happy Mothers Day out there to all the beautiful mothers and mommys-to-be. I recently found out that two of my best friends that I've loved since high school are expecting and are both due in December. So exciting!

Unfortunately, my mom was without both of her children for the first time this Mothers Day since I'm down in FL and my brother is in SC for basic training for the Marines. When I talked to her earlier, she said she still hadn't received a phone call from him yet today but was hoping he'd be able to call today. We're all so proud of him and it's been hard not being able to just pick up the phone and call him or go back and forth with him on BBM (blackberry messenger for all you iphone and droid users). I got my first letter from him this week, and it was so great to hear from him and both H and I can already see how much he's changed. I can't wait to receive his next letter and hear his thoughts on the events that took place last week in Pakistan.

Me and my brother at my wedding last year

H and I were so happy to finally hear the news that all the permits had FINALLY been approved by the city and the county for our house and scheduled our pre-build meeting for Friday afternoon. We were under the impression that they wouldn't begin until after our pre-build meeting, so we received a big pleasant surprise when we showed up at the meeting and they said they had already started, were ready to install the plumbing on Monday, and we're still looking at a close date for the end of June! Which is great news since that's when my parents are flying down to visit before we all drive up to Parris Island for my brother's graduation from the Marines.

H and I on our lot


  1. I know K is preggers, but who is the other one??

  2. Oh wait. I think I know. Never mind!

  3. Haha... just think.. every time we've seen each other over the past few years. There were 4 of us.. I'm not pregnant and neither are you.. so it's process of elimination ;0)

  4. Welllll.....looks like it will be you before me! I am always the last one! Still waiting on that marriage thing! LOL. =)