Just say NO to fanny packs

If you're around my age you probably remember all the moms sporting fanny packs when we were in elementary school. It was nice and easy for them, they could swap out their purse that would have to be carried or swung over their shoulder for something that was effortless while out and about with their children.

Sensible and practical? --Yes
Fashionable? -- NO

Well, come to find out after more than 2 decades of it being widely known that most people sporting a fanny pack are laughed at behind their backs, the fashion industry is trying to re-inflict this horrible item on us again! Urban Outfitters is selling what looks like a bad southwestern designed fanny pack for $48 and Gucci is selling "waist packs" for over $400.

And it's not just fanny packs that the fashion industry is trying to push at the public again. Flare legged pants and platform sandals are supposedly making a comeback this spring as well. All I can picture is how I dressed in high school when I thought I looked so cool, but in reality looked awful.

I just got into the whole skinny jeans craze several months ago because it took me a while to be comfortable enough to even try them on, and I ended up loving them so much that I bought several pairs. I love the look of skinny jeans, and in my opinion flare leg pants are just sloppy looking and outdated because to me it brings back memories of middle school and high school. I can't imagine how those who grew up in the 70's feel. They've seen this trend try to come back twice now.

Remeber these chunky Steve Madden shoes? I totally rocked them in black, dark brown, and tan back in the day.
Well... Steve Madden is trying to bring the look back...

This is the new Steve Madden Slinky. Doesn't look "new" does it?

The fashion industry seems to be going the way of Hollywood and movie making. They're no longer taking new chances and just recycling old ideas that should have been left as classics.

It's time for some new fresh ideas and as for me... I never let fashion magazines dictate my style. I buy and wear items that are not only fashionable but that I actually like. The flowy floral sundresses and oversized tees with skinny jeans will be in my wardrobe this spring, along with wedges and my go-to pumps and sandals. But I promise you that you won't find a single fanny pack, flare legged pair of pants, or chunky slip on pair of sandals in my closet.


  1. Funny you mentioned the fanny pack. I was just thinking the same thing while looking at Gucci.com today. Sometimes retro=epic fail!

  2. Definitely epic fail! Haha.. I just don't know who in the fashion industry came up with the bright idea to try and bring these back. *Sigh*

  3. I'm ashamed to say I wore fanny packs. And those sandals! Why! Are they bringing them back???

  4. Omg those steve maddens crack me up. I totally wore that style. Definitely not again!
    And I have to admit I loved fanny packs when i was like 10. I had them in neon colors haha