Sunburnt in Omaha

I've been such a bad blogger, but I've been so busy! I've been away all week in Omaha for work. I have to admit I was pretty depressed when the plane landed here on Monday, but it's been going by pretty quickly and I've gotten to know some great co-workers. Definitely not a place I'd ever consider living, but it was nice to experience something new for the week. I also miss my husband and my fat doggy so much it hurts! I can't wait for him to pick me up at the airport on Friday!

We spent as much time together as we could the weekend before I had to fly up here, so we went to the beach on Saturday and had fun playing in the waves, but of course got burnt! We wore sunscreen, but still got pretty burnt and it's starting to worry me how many sunburns we've both had. It's so bad for your skin and your health. I just hope neither of us have caused any permanent damage. In the past year or so I've tried to become a lot smarter about sun protection. Skin cancer is a big fear of mine, but the quality of my skin is as well. I don't want to be wrinkly and freckly if I can prevent it at too young an age. I do my best to moisturize and I don't lay out as much as I used to and I sure as heck don't go fake-a-baking anymore. In college, my friends and I would go tanning all the time, and we even coincided it with getting our nails done together. I look back at it and it makes me sad that we were so foolish.

I do enjoy the look of a nice tan, so I will continue soaking up some good Vitamin D, I just want to limit my intake and try not to get burnt anymore. Living in Florida that may not always be possible, but I'd like to continue being smarter about protecting my skin. I've also never gotten a spray tan. I'm afraid of it making me appear orange or it getting on my clothes? Have you ever gotten a spray tan? What should I expect? Did you like it? I'd love for some feedback :0)


  1. Hi Kate! I didn't know you started a blog! I'm your newest follower. :) I hope you're doing well!

  2. Hey! It's great to see you here! I found your blog through Kim's and have been following you since a little before your beautiful daughter was born. Congrats again! :0)