Anyone else hear Tyrese singing with the title "Lately"? Just me - the elder millennial? Ok. Man, where do I start? I am usually pretty private on Facebook, but shared an update of all that's been going on the past several weeks. My mom had a heart attack and has been hospitalized three times, my dad who we have also been concerned about was hospitalized during her 3rd visit and they were 2 floors apart as she was quarantined with the flu. And this all happened while I was traveling for work. Yep.

Oh yeah work... I was let go out of no where from the job I love and have been thriving at for over 6 years. No one knows why, and my boss has been fighting for me and showing why it was such an awful decision but the new owner just won't budge. No one understands it, and it just is what it is. Things had gotten incredibly toxic, I was incredibly burnt out and not fully present with my family - so it's definitely for the best as hard as it is to accept. 

Then to top it all off, we experienced a big scare with Lil' Miss accompanied by an ambulance ride and an emergency room visit on her last day of school for the year. To say I am stressed out is an understatement. I am incredibly thankful for the friends and family who have rallied around to support and pray for us as we deal with a lot all at once. 

But let's rewind and talk about the past few weeks first shall we? Trips to Universal (of course) and preparing for an upcoming vacation. Could it BE here any sooner? Kind of need it right now...

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I was excited to be invited to experience the new Face Foundrie location in Orlando, and was treated to a Cryo Queen facial. I was nervous at first thinking it would be freezing, but everything was luxuriously comfortable. Oh and that glow - yes please!

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Lil' Miss had three "half days" (I say "half days" because they're not truly half days when they get out at 11:15 - crazy!) before the end of the school year. So, we had a mommy-daughter date at Universal's Volcano Bay where we finally got to ride the aqua coaster Krakatau which was AMAZING! Lots of fun in the sun, and quality time with my best girl after being so busy for the longest time. 

And then on Friday we celebrated the last day of 1st grade, and headed to her end of the year school wide celebration at the park. I used to be THAT helicopter parent at the playground watching her every move, and standing below her to help as she would climb. And the past few years, I've tried to let her be more adventurous on her own, and we had the biggest scare not long after arriving. She was running around with some of her classmates, and then we both noticed we hadn't heard her squealing down the slide for a few minutes and went to go look for her. There was a crowd gathered around someone lying face down on the ground. Queue immediate tears from me and hyperventilating (which I haven't done since I found out my cousin had passed away). I was ushered away by some of the moms as they tried to help me catch my breath, and drink some water. The ambulance arrived, and I boarded it with her while my husband drove our car down to the pediatric hospital to meet us. Everything is a total blur, and I was a mess crying while calling my mom and letting her know what was going on. I tickled her legs and feet to see if she would move, and she did as she giggled. Which helped me calm down immensely. 

She was upbeat at the hospital, especially once they took her off the board so she could move around and then took her for some x-rays. The x-rays came back clear, and the results were bruising on her mid-back and a possible mild concussion from the impact of her falling from so high. I am incredibly relieved, however still watching her like a hawk as we want her head to heal from the possible concussion. 

The next day was H's birthday, and we went to dinner to celebrate with friends. Lil' Miss brought a pillow for her back (so sweet!) and was silly with our friend's twin girls throughout dinner. It felt great to be with framily, and see her acting mostly like herself minus the pillow brought to dinner. 

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We laid low at the house for the rest of the holiday weekend for some pool and grill time, as we continued to be over protective of our sweet girl. She is still sore, but definitely still holding on to her big personality and alllll the sass! I can't begin to describe how thankful I am that she's ok, as I watch other parents go through so much worse. Hug those kiddos tight - children, nieces, nephews, friend's kiddos - everyone! They are a precious gift, and can get hurt or sick at the blink of an eye. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, Kate. I am so very sorry for everything you've been though. That is a LOT to handle in a very short amount of time. I will be praying for your mom and dad. And I pray sweet S is okay, too. Hoping you can take some time to decompress while you're out of work. Sending all the love to you! (And for the record, yes, the first thought that came to my mind when I saw the title of your post was to start singing Tyrese! That is THE best song. Elder millennials unite!)

  2. Oh my! You have had SO much going on lately and a lot of crummy stuff. I have had that ride to the hospital in the ambulance before and it was when my son was at my mom's and had a major asthma attack (this was before he was diagnosed and we had no rescue inhalers or anything on us!). It is scary stuff, but thankful that paramedics are so knowledgable and arrive so quickly. My dad had a heart attack recently too on top of all of his other stuff. So I feel you with that as he's been in the hospital for other stuff countless times this year already (my mom keeps a spreadsheet and I just don't even want to know how many times). I'm also so sorry about the job! That is just never fun and then you have to go through applying to new places, but I do know you'll find somewhere SO much better and where you'll flourish. Take care and try to relax some this summer if you can!! It looks like you've been enjoying Universal!


  3. I'm sorry for everything you've been dealing with lately. Thank goodness your daughter is okay - what a scare! Praying for both of your parents health. I'm so sorry about your job but know you will find something even better because you are so good at what you do!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Oh girl. I'm so sorry that everything has been so tough. I can't even imagine how hard it was to have both your parents in the hospital at the same time. Hopefully they are recovering though? I'm so glad Lil Miss is okay, too. What a terrifying experience for you. I'm so glad you had such a great group of moms around you to help. I hope you've been able to use your vacation to unplug and take care of yourself after so much happening personally. <3