How to Style Knee-High Boots for Women Over 40

At age 40, you can still look smart and fashionable. Fashion has no age limit. It’s for both old and young. You can be over 40 or 50 and still look beautiful with some rules that guide styling knee-high-boots. Being versatile earns knee-high boots recognition among people in a different places. It affects the name they bear. 

Age limit for styling knee-highs

The statement that "women over the age of 25 should not wear knee boots" keeps coming up! Can someone explain why we freeze our knees off on the way to work, when shopping for groceries, or when picking up the kids or grandkids?

1. Why do many women think knee-high-boots are inappropriate for them? 

Many women (and men) associate Knee-high-boots with the red light district or exotic dancers, respectively, since the films Pretty Women and Independence Day. They think this footwear is appropriate for a girls' night out with our twenty-something sisters, if at all. That style is inappropriate for who
knows who, including our twenty-something sister! It is a uniform for those professions, and only they can wear them. Otherwise, patent leather stiletto knee-high boots are a costume.

2. Perfect for any age

Knee-high-boots are Perfect for Any Age. For any woman who lives in cold weather during the winter, these boots help her to stay warm. They are better alternatives when you cannot park in a heated garage.

Knee-high-boots provide enough insulation in the car to keep you warm until the heating kicks in. As a result, there are numerous mature reasons why a woman in her forties should wear Knee-high-boots. Now, how do you do it correctly?

How to style knee-high boots

1. Knee-high boots with low heels

Don't be afraid to try on knee-high-boots if you're afraid of looking silly. Knee-high-boots with a low or flat heel is a sure bet. The flat heel balances out the tallness of the boot and softens the super sexy message these boots send. Instead, you come across as relaxed and stylish. 

2. If you like heels or your office dress code requires them, look for a sturdy 3 inch heel (7.5 cm). 

It is better to not wear thin high heels on snowy or slick days. Check that they have a thick sole that is not a plateau. 

3. Suede knee-high-boots

Suede has a slightly more casual feel than leather, so a pair of suede knee-high-boots is a place to start. Try a contrasting boot like brown, merlot or the always popular navy. 

Avoid patent leather and pleather in favor of suede or plan leather. Plain leather is easier to keep clean and neat than suede and less susceptible to water and wet snow. In areas with dry, cold winters, suede is a good alternative to plain leather. To get a perfect pair of suede knee high bots, you can try them on at the Dream Pairs website. Dream Pairs is a famous footwear brand for women and kids. 

4. Knee-high-boots with a sweater dress

A sweater dress is an excellent example of a dress that looks fantastic with Knee-high-boots. Again, it comes down to balance. This dress is not a mini, but it is short enough to show off the boot. It’s a simple, clean-lined, modest style that allows the boot to take center stage, and it’s a nice heavy knit with a casual feel to balance out the sexy boot.

5. Knee-high boots with skirts

Wear opaque tights with Knee-high-boots and miniskirts or short dresses. Make sure there is more than a hand width between the hemline and the boots' end.

When wearing Knee-high-boots with cute dresses or skirts, the safest way is to go for an A-line or pleated midi version with lining and a piece of thick fabric. Then the height is covered and won't cause weird bulk.

Wear opaque tights in neutral colors when you pair them with a skirt or dress that does not cover them. Yes, bare legs with Knee-high-boots are a no-no for everyone except for women in horizontal or vertical professions.

6. Knee-high boots with pants

Knee-high-boots look best with wide midi skirts that cover them completely, skinny jeans and riding pants. Style skirts with slim or tight sweaters. It is better to style a chunky sweater or tight or tailored shirts with sporty blazers and riding pants.

How long should I wear knee-high boots?

Only wear your knee-high-boots outside. Switch to pumps or other work-appropriate shoes when you arrive at work. You have to avoid your feet and knees from sweating. Sweat will evaporate or freeze once you are back in the cold. Remember, you wear these boots to protect your feet and knees from the cold in frigid temperatures in the first place. You have to create a situation that makes you not feel cold.

Choosing knee-high-boots at over 40

To get the most comfortable Knee-high-boots in the 40s or 50s, choose ones with a wide toe box. When purchasing a pair of Knee-high boots, consider going half a size up so you can wear an extra pair of socks inside. It is best to try on the shoes with extra socks. A comfortable toe box is one of the secrets to keeping your feet warm in subzero temperatures. Cold toes are caused by squeezing the toes. When your face screams “uncomfortable,” you will never look fashionable. Bye-bye, over-the-knee boots with pointed toes!

The embellishments should complement your primary personal style.

Knee-high-boots and winter

If you live in a cold winter climate, you should invest in knee-high-boots. Purchase them in the highest quality you can afford, and in a classic color that complements the majority of the items in your closet that you wear when it gets colder outside.

For any woman who lives in cold weather during the winter, these boots help her to stay warm in windy and cold winter weather. You can use them as alternatives when you can't park your vehicle in a heated garage. Knee-high-boots provide enough insulation in the car to keep you warm until the heating kicks in. As a result, there are numerous mature reasons why a woman in her forties should wear Knee-high-boots. Now, how do you do it correctly?

Only wear Knee-high-boots in temperatures below freezing and with winter clothing. Temperatures in the single or negative digits are ideal (less than -12C). A good number of Knee-high boots suit these more. Wear them with casual or classic winter attire, as anything too glam, lacy, or sexy will turn you into a rock star, dancer, or red light district look. You should avoid all three “styles” because they are never fashionable. 

Final thought 

Aging has no remedy. We can't hold the time and stop ourselves from aging. Despite this, we can still look elegant and like sweet sixteen by understanding how to dress in style. We only need to know how to style our dresses.

At over 40, always go for a look that clearly says cold season and not to look like a rock star on stage.

**This blog post is in collaboration with Dream Pairs

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  1. I have always loved knee high boots but I've never owned a pair! I need to remedy that! You are rocking these! They are so cute!