Strawberry Fields

We rang in spring at a local farm picking our own strawberries, and I still have The Beatles' Strawberry Fields Forever song in my head. It was abnormally chilly for the first day of spring in Florida, and the wind was whipping but we had a great day. As I'm writing this I was just talking to my mom up in Connecticut, and it's 5 degrees warmer there than it is here right now. Craziness! 

We were given our own row to pick the strawberries, and it was fun watching Lil' Miss find the good ones to pick and also squeal when she saw the "bad ones". We picked a few pounds to bring home, and then went inside the barn for a wine tasting and some dessert since they also have an onsite winery and bakery. A strawberry shortcake for Lil' Miss and some local wine for us. We purchased two bottles, and watched Lil' Miss play her heart out on the playground. She is still talking about the tunnel slide and the giant tire swing, two of my favorites when I was a kiddo. 

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Sunday was even chillier than Saturday and decided to add in some rain. So, we hung around the house in comfy clothes, I did a quick virtual Bar Method workout, and started packing for our little getaway next weekend to a local resort. It feels SO nice to break out our luggage even though we're not going anywhere far. The wanderlust is for real right now! 

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We still haven't re-painted the master bedroom as you can tell by the paint chips still hanging up in the background. Hello real life! I went through the "paint everything gray" phase a few years ago and we left the family room gray since there is an avocado green accent wall at the far end, and the kitchen is also still a light gray since it has a light green undertone. But, we recently re-painted the dining room and the guest bathroom - both of which are now a light powder blue. And the master will be a champagne color to brighten up the space. What are some of your favorite paint colors?

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  1. What a fun weekend outing--Serena looks like she had so much fun! We are going away for a few days this weekend too and I can't wait. I hope y'all have the best trip!

    Rosy Outlook 

  2. We love to go strawberry picking and I have to say we'll be so much closer to farms now - I can't wait for all the picking! xo, Biana

  3. Strawberry picking is always so much fun! And it was unseasonably cold here this weekend, too... we must have had a cold front down here in the south!

  4. Oh my gosh, that looks like SO much fun! I want strawberries now haha. We had beautiful weather here this weekend which felt great! Our entire place is painted with neutral colors. One is more like a cream color, and the other is a little bit darker grey/beige color. Maybe something like that would work?? I am horrible at this stuff though lol. Anyway!! Glad that you enjoyed your weekend and have a great day!! XO, Caroline

  5. We painted most of our house was painted a light gray when we moved in 2019, as our old house was various shades of beige and I couldn't do beige again haha. I painted our dining room Smokey Blue from Sherman Williams a few months back and I am OBSESSED with the color. It is so pretty. Our master bath is a light sage color. My office and Zoe's room is a color called Storm from Benjamin Moore, which is a medium/darker gray. I really wanted to paint my office navy but I painted it at the start of quarantine when places weren't opened and I just needed to get the space set up. I am really loving all the dark green rooms I am seeing lately. I have white bedding in our bedroom, and I am thinking of switching it out to emerald green and maybe changing out our curtains to something other than gray in there.

  6. Aw I loved strawberry picking as a kid, look's like y'all had a great time! I painted my whole house chic gray by behr. It is the perfect neutral for my pops of wallpaper and brightly painted cabinets.

  7. How fun! I've always wanted to do this. We have a farm right by us too. Looks like the best Spring day :)


  8. The champagne color sounds beautiful. We haven't re-painted in awhile either. It might be time for a change. I want to go strawberry picking and then make a pie.

  9. This is so much fun! We love strawberry picking and tasting while we are picking. The perfect activity for the family.


  10. What a dream! Definitely a day well spent!

    XX Angelica

  11. I need to take the boys strawberry picking this year. It has been a couple of years!

  12. I haven't been strawberry picking in years! Looks like a fun day! Love the color of your leggings!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  13. Ahhh, now I'm craving strawberries! Yum!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. That looks like so fun! We didn't go strawberry picking last year, such a shame as the kids had so fun the first time we went. We really need to go this year when the season arrives! :)

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a good weekend. The rain has stopped here so we went out to one of the unflooded trails in the neighbourhood yesterday :)

    Away From The Blue