Favs from Last Month

I may be a little late to the game because hello 2nd week of February, but I thought I'd share some of my favorite purchases from January. Some have been total game changers, and others I wonder where they were all my life. 

Can we first talk about how much I want this virus that shall not be named to go away and never come back, yet I love love LOVE working from home every day. It's been amazing not rushing out the door each morning, working in loungewear, and having more time with my family. It has been absolutely priceless. Why some people are trying to rush going back into the office is beyond me. It's working so well, and so many people are much happier without the commute and are more productive at home. The fluorescent lighting and incessant chit chat at the office is for the birds! Why it took me over 10 months of working from home to finally purchase a new office chair is another question. Insert this beauty, and yes she's rose gold. I almost went with the chrome, but then realized I would have regretted not going with the rose gold. 

This dress which was perfect for brunch al fresco. It was made for french toast and mimosas - if not then it should have been! Now I'm just waiting for another excuse to wear it.

The perfect basic tee and jeans. It had been a WHILE since I picked up a pair of jeans that weren't distressed or had holes in them. As much as I still love my distressed denim, I am also loving the sleek look and fit of this new pair. Plus, they're comfy which is key because other than a dinner out here and there I'm living in athleisure. 

New sneaks for Lil' Miss - girlfriend tears up her school sneakers on the playground - she seriously has a talent for it. So a new pair were in order, and she loved that these were sparkly. Another Prime win! 

Whenever the day comes again where we hop on a plane and go somewhere fun, I'll be ready with a spinner luggage set in rose gold of course. My husband and I hadn't purchased new luggage since our first big trip together in 2009. It was time. Our old sets racked up a lot of mileage and saw some incredible places around the world, and I can't wait for the new pieces to see even more. 

I used to brag about how much an amazing sleeper Lil' Miss was. Other than the first several weeks when she was a newborn which are ROUGH with a capital WOOF - she's been an angel. She started sleeping through the night around 8 weeks, and had been a trooper ever since. She always went to bed and down for a nap without a fight. Fast forward to a few months ago where she started resisting bedtime, and getting up earlier and earlier. Showing up at our door crying or slamming things around in her room. We finally caved, and are trying one of the ok to wake clocks. She's excited about it, but still left her room to play in her playroom along with some loud (yet adorable) singing before it was "ok to wake" errrr leave her room. Hoping it begins working better soon. If you've tried this method - has it worked?

Luna (the new pup) has been growing so fast, and she has snapped not 1 but 2 retractable leashes so far. I decided to try out a more heavy duty retractable leash, and I could immediately tell it would hold up better. So far so good! Plus it was $10 off and free shipping on Prime. Another win-win! 

Current Score: Luna 2 and Us 1

What were some of your favorite January purchases?

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  1. I just bought a new office chair too and love yours! Now I'm wishing I had gotten something with a little bling! That black dress is so cute on you!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. Oh I love your new office chair!! I'm with you - I can maybe go back to the office twice a week, but I am totally good with WFH! Hope the okay to wake clock starts to work :) xo, biana BlovedBoston

  3. I love your office chair!!! I went for looks with the chair I picked out back in April...and I wish I would have gotten something more office-y but it has been much better than what I did have. That ok to wake clock is so cute! Since I wake up most days at 5 or 6 am, Zoe waking up early hasn't been a major issue. She just plays upstairs until I come and get her, or she walks in my office since I am always working during the week before she is up. But I have a few friends that have similar clocks and they have all said after awhile, it totally works. Hopefully it will work for you guys!

  4. I desperately need a new office chair. Between Tom and I, we are both wearing out our dining room chairs pretty quickly. I'm also trying to clean out our home office, which became someone's dumping grounds over the past few years.... a feat which is exhausting and time consuming... but I really want to be able to have the space to work comfortably and separate home & work... You would think it would be done by now, lol.

  5. Love your new office chair! My husband bought me a new suitcase 4 years ago because he was embarrassed by the one that I had haha. It was pretty bad. I love it though but that rose gold is PRETTY. I also love that dress and I hope that your little cutie enjoys her new clock and does not wake up too early anymore! Haha. XO, Caroline

  6. I love those sneakers so much and so would my girls. They love pink everything. I love that dress too, but I wonder if I am too tall for it (meaning it would be super short on me).

  7. I need a new chair, I bought one when I started working from home and did not consider looks! I don't know why people want to rush back either, I love working from home!

  8. That chair looks awesome! We were lucky I worked from home once a week before everything happened so we had the home office all furnished and set up and haven't needed any furniture or anything - which is good as at the start of it all home office stuff sold out quickly, haha! Your new chair looks nice :)

    Hope your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  9. You made the right choice with that rose gold chair because it is seriously SO chic and gorgeous! The perfect way to work from home and still be glam :)



  10. Prettiest desk chair ever! Have you tried a reward chart or system to pair with the clock? That is what we have always done, but our kids are very reward responsive (not necessarily a good thing lol.)

  11. This chair is gorgeous!! Is it comfortable? It looks like it is, I will have to check this out! I need one.

    Allie of

  12. I have that office chair in rose gold and black! It's amazing. I miss it- because it's at my work office and I have a different setup in my home office. But it's a gem!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. Still can't get over how much I love that backless dress! I love those cute little sneakers and your new chair! I can't wait to hear how the clock works. Our sound machine has that feature but we haven't used it-- I've been thinking we should start so M could get used to it while he's still in his crib maybe.

  14. Great choice and review. These all sound so good!!


    Diana, Chic Ways To Wear Denim Culottes

  15. OMG, that chair is SO beautiful! Love your new luggage too!