Summer Mondays

Are we really already at the mid-point of July? I digress... I still have trouble figuring out what day it is most days, and we are back to staying home as much as possible because Florida is out of control. Take out to support local restaurants, online grocery ordering with free pick up, and online ordering for everything else is where it's at. Is anyone else as upset as I am that Target doesn't include perishable items (and even some other random things that aren't food related) in their Drive Up orders? We used to do all of our grocery shopping at Super Target, and they've been losing a ton of money from us by not providing so many items with their highly advertised Drive Up service.

With all the time spent at home, we are still going on daily walks, spending lots of time splashing in the pool (Lil' Miss is officially a swimming champ, and I'm SO proud!), and treating ourselves to s'mores by the fire pit. I picked up these adjustable roasting sticks through Prime, and love that we no longer need to hunt for sticks in the woods or worry about them not being long enough for the fire's heat.

We're still taking these Elderberry gummies in addition to our multi-vitamins. Every little bit helps right? Another great find on Prime, and they have the subscribe and save option to get us through this unprecedented time. 

I have been a huge fan of sparkling water since pregnant with Lil' Miss, as I was looking for something other than plain water after my morning cup of coffee and I was missing my bubbly so loved having something with a hint of flavor and bubbles and nothing artificial. Well, I've officially found my sparkling water soulmate and her name is LimonCello. I thought I loved Key Lime, but helloooooo LimonCello! Holy deliciousness! Don't walk, RUN to your nearest Target or Walmart for an 8 pack of this yummyness in a can.

Still loving this $16 tank which can be dressed up or down. I loved styling it with a pair of pull on shorts for margaritas on the patio a few weeks ago, but also am totally rocking it around the house with pajama shorts. It's that comfy! 

Have you read the Thousandth Floor series? When I got the 1st book, I had no idea it was a trilogy and then could not put the books down. The Towering Sky is the final book in the trilogy, and I love how it was wrapped up. Now, I'm just eagerly awaiting a tv series or a movie. 

H recently replaced our shower head in our bathroom, and I can't rave about this high pressure rain shower head enough. It feels like we're in a luxurious hotel! And since traveling is so not a thing right now (boo!), I've been LOVING the escape. Did I mention it was another Prime find, and it's only $30. 

We've been on a roll with house projects the past few months while at home, and decided to also freshen up the living room with new curtains. I didn't have the heart to throw away or donate the old curtains, so re-purposed them in 2 other rooms throughout the house that also needed a re-fresh. Now the curtains I thought I hated in the living room, I'm loving in the guest room since they compliment the bedding. 

It took a while for hair accessories to grow on me, considering I can't even curl my hair into nice waves (nor will they stay when professionally done). But I've been rocking the pearl barrettes for some time now, and am now eyeing these beauties. It's been so long since I've worn headbands, and want to bring out my inner Blair Waldorf. 

I also can't get enough of sundresses in the summer heat - I mean when I'm not in athleisure or bathing suits because let's face it I'm home and the key is comfort. A lightweight button front dress or a one shoulder dress which I've nicknamed my candy striper dress are perfect for the heat of summer and are super comfy.

In continuation of us working on updates around the house, we also noticed our patio loungers were in desperate need of replacing. We never got cushions for them (gasp!), and they were starting to rust which will lead to them eventually caving. Aside from sticker shock because I apparently live under a rock and was floored at how expensive patio loungers are, I also wanted to add a pop of color to the patio. These loungers were the perfect blue to compliment the tones of cream and brown on our outdoor area. They're also available in cream, dark gray, and rust orange. 

I love to support local businesses, and one of my favorites is Good Vibez Clothing Co. I discovered their cute shop at pop up events at my Bar Method studio, and have loved their gear ever since. For a girlfriend's birthday last week (screw you COVID for not being able to celebrate in person!), I ordered her the Manifest the Best tank top and their Royal Crest hat. She's super into yoga, loves positive messaging, and is a local small business owner as well. So I figured these pieces would be a slam dunk for the birthday girl. I also decided to treat myself to the Shimmer White Corkcicle to keep my drinks cold even in the heat. 

They're currently running a big sale on their site, and always offer free shipping throughout the United States. Use coupon code GREENFASHIONISTA20 for an additional 20% off your order in addition to their sale. 

In other news I made it to all my annual appointments before the huge surge around here - skin cancer check at the dermatologist (get your skin checked annually!), annual gyno visit (yippee), blood work from my annual physical, and Lil' Miss had a dental check up. It was a marathon, but glad they're done and we can hunker down at home. I've also been flexing my not so green thumb, and added a few planters full of flowers to the patio while H re-sanded the pavers on our front walkway. It's amazing the things you can focus on when you're not hustling and bustling everywhere. I've been enjoying actually enjoying our house - ha! 


  1. So many great finds! I actually have been wanting to incorporate elderberry supplements so I def need to check out these gummies!

    Rosy Outlook 

  2. Okay, I NEEd to read the second and third books! I read the first one like a year ago and LOVED it! I'm sorry that Florida is out of control right now, hopefully it's the peak and it will go down soon! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. Summer is going way too fast. Your new shower head sounds like a dream! Love those loungers too! Happy Monday!

  4. Our whole family has been popping Elderberry like it's our JOB these last few months. And I feel you because Covid is out of control here in GA, too. Cases are skyrocketing in our city and we know multiple people who currently have it, including my uncle. It's so scary. And yes yes to The Thousandth floor series... I FLEW through them. They were fantastic.

  5. I clicked on those loungers and saw my name in the title of them. haha! I should get those smores sticks. The ones that came with our machine we use are so small, I am afraid Zoe is going to burn herself with it. It works fine for me, but I like the idea of being able to adjust them! Cases are going up up up here too. We still haven't been anywhere, and I dont plan on it now!

  6. Okay. I finally got The Thousandth Floor from the library! It is on the list for this week. And I am swooning over that shower head. I need it.

    So glad you got some beach time in before Florida went out of control! I’m still home too here in KY.

  7. S'mores by the firepit is such a fun idea! I need to add that to our summer list for sure. Stay safe, my friend. We are just as bad here in Cali :( :(


  8. I am sorry to hear about the situation in Florida, Kate! We have an outbreak in Melbourne and hope against hope that it won't spread into the other states and territories. I am loving those marshmallow roasting sticks, what a great idea! And thanks for putting me onto the Thousandth Floor books - I have marked them in my Goodreads (and hope to get to them when I finally make my way through the current pile of books)!

  9. So many good finds! That Limoncello La Croix sounds delicious! I'm sorry the situation in FL is getting worse. Stay safe!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  10. YAY and good on you for getting your annual skin check! I've been on the hunt for that new La Croix flavor and can't find it anywhere! And I agree about Target drive up - I absolutely love the service but it's frustrating that isn't not full groceries.

  11. I sooo wish Target had more options for their pickup-- it also drives me crazy that so many of the Circle coupons/discount are for in store only. Which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but it is kind of a bummer during a time when people are supposed to be minimizing shopping? Love both of those cute dresses & the new lounge chairs you picked out look so nice, you guys have such a great outdoor area!

  12. My girls would love those headbands. They are so cute. I need those roasting sticks. Yay on getting your skin checked. Today is my day!

  13. It's a shame cases are going up near you! They had an outbreak in another state, I think they are up to 600 cases or something, so the state has been locked down again and it's reminding me I need to be more careful and go out less. We've been heading out into parks and the bush instead and staying away from the shops and keeping up with online ordering instead :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  14. I also really wish you could curbside pickup perishable items at Target. Since I'm still trying to go as few places as possible, I end up shopping elsewhere. Also wish more Circle offers were for shipped items. I do get a lot of my non-perishables through them via regular shipping.

  15. The COVID cases in Kansas are on the rise, too- it's so scary and disappointing! Mask up, people, GEEZ. Glad you and the fam are staying safe- we are ordering in, ordering online, etc., for everything too!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. We are doing the same here with online orders for groceries and takeout. I miss normal life! :( Thankfully our Mayor just put a mask order in place. I love sparkling water too. Thanks for sharing that flavor. I haven't tried it yet.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  17. Our numbers are going up in St. Louis and Missouri and it is so depressing! I have a friend that just got a fire pit, I should surprise her with those marshmallow/hot dog toasters! I've been wanting to try Elderberry, how nice that you can get them in gummy form!


  18. SO many awesome finds hun!


  19. Ohhh! I love the new curtains! Isn't it amazing how a small change can make such a big difference?? I'm going to have to look into that shower head. I don't know what it is but I can't seem to get the soap out of my hair. I don't know if it's the soap I'm using, the showerhead, or the fact that maybe I forgot how to do so in quarantine, but it is SO FRUSTRATING.

  20. Oh my gosh how cute are those marshmallow sticks?! That's just genius, and I totally need them for next time we have a camp fire xo

    Makeup Muddle