Festive Friday Favs

After coming off of 2 short weeks, this full work week seemed to drag so I am super excited for it to finally be Friday. And not just any Friday... it's a wedding weekend Friday! Can't wait to celebrate with friends tomorrow and watch two of our friends tie the knot.

1. It's been a little chillier this week (Florida "cold") so I enjoyed brightening up with some bold colors and pretty sparkles. **Huge thanks to Pam for teaching me how to perfect the reverse upside down outfit selfie**.

Top - ON | Skirt and Shoes - VS | Necklace - Rocksbox | Watch - MK

2. Enjoyed a lunch date with Emily on Wednesday. We caught up over yummy food, and I of course enjoyed hearing more stories about their adorable new addition Lola.

3. Nothing's better than Christmas scented candles and wine....

4. I was a day late to the VS fashion show, but I finally watched it on the DVR Wednesday night. Fabulous show! You can tell that the girls are all having so much fun, and their personalities really shine through.

5. Loving some of my recent finds on Pinterest:

Linking up today with Lauren for High Five on Friday, Rebecca for That Friday Blog Hop, and Amanda for Friday Favorites. Hop on over and join us! Happy Friday!

Leaving you with some fun from last week's Christmas party:

Yes I'm THAT girl being annoying yelling out YEEEEAH *sigh*


  1. oh my gosh i'm so not a fashion blogger that i had no idea how to do that full-body-fashion-blogger-selfie shot until you just mentioned it. you learn something new everyday :) oh and i love all of those pins! to die. have a great weekend! xo


    1. I had no idea either, until Pam let me in on her secret :)

      Happy Friday!

  2. Yay! Love your outfit selfie! :) Umm where did you and Emily go to lunch?! That looks yummy!! Love those gold sequin leggings and I totally need that Blair Waldorf mug! SO cute! Have an amazing weekend!!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Can you teach me the reverse upside down selfie - for real I have no clue how to do it!!! Your pins are always the best - I need to start recreating some of those looks!! Hope you have fun at the wedding this weekend!!

  4. YEEAAAAAH! Love it!!! The reverse upside down selfie is a game changer! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

  5. Ummmm, I love all of this. And I an so relate to the "all I want for Christmas is everything I've ever pinned".... haha!!!!

    So glad you linked up with us... fun Five on Friday post! :)

  6. Love the outfit selfie! can you teach me the perfect way to take one please?!?!?!

    Loving everything about your pins, too! They are allll so festive and fun!

    The VS show was great this year. I agree, they looked like they were having lots of fun!

  7. OMG those gold pants - yes please!! And what an AWESOME idea for solo cups!! I will DEFINITELY be doing that for my friend's Christmas party next weekend :)

  8. KATE! Can you please please teach me how to do the reverse upside down selfie?? I have been trying to figure it out forever!

  9. Reverse upside down selfie, say what? Love your outfit in that picture. Yes to getting everything we pin on Pinterest.

  10. I have never watched the VS fashion show, but maybe I should. I had no idea it was such a big deal!

  11. Umm, I need to learn how to do this reverse outfit selfie :). Love that necklace, such a versatile piece! VS Fashion show is always marked in my calendar, this year was awesome!!

  12. Love your cute little outfit on you! Its adorable ps I so wanna learn how to take that kinda photo! Wanna share? Pretty please!

  13. That skirt and necklace are cute in the first photo. I like the ecard too, I want everything I have pinned too.
    xx, jodi