A Few of My Favorite Things

Is it too early to have a Christmas wish list? I drafted mine up a few weeks ago to give to the fam, and it continues to grow....

Christmas Wish List

1. Cards Against Humanity - the staple of game nights everywhere.

2. V by Maroon 5 - always have and always will love Maroon 5.

3. Curlipops Bed Head Wand - because I'm a total dunce at doing my own hair.

4. Statement Necklaces - everyone needs some pretty baubles.

5. Tory Burch Eau de Parfum - such a pretty scent that would be a fantastic addition to my collection.

6. Hayworth Vanity - gorgeous vanity set for getting ready.

7. Essie Nail Polishes - I just want all the colors!

8. iPad Mini 3 - perfect for blog reading and every day life, pretty much a total want not need.

9. iPad Mini Folio Hardcase Glitter Bug - just the absolute prettiest iPad case ever courtesy of KS.

10. Michael Kors Berkley Platform Sandals - obsessed with these nude platform sandals.

11. Naked Flushed - been wanting to try out this beautiful palette since I have loved all their other palettes. Always excited for the new one.

12. Barre3 Core Ball - the missing piece to my Barre3 home workouts.

Linkin' up with Elise for some holiday fun, hop on over and join us!


  1. CAH is one of my fave games! And if someone gave me that vanity, I would just die. What a beautiful bench to match.

    Another Beautiful Thing: H&M Gift Card Give Away!

  2. Definitely not too early! I think I've had one going since September :) And I have CAH on mine, too - that game is sooo funny!

  3. I totally have that barre3 ball at my house ;-) That vanity set is so swoon worthy one day I will have enough space for a makeup vanity!

  4. These are great! I love the list!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  5. Girl....we are so on the same wave length with our wish lists!! I love those shoes and can totally see you rocking them!!

  6. Those sandals are amazing and I would love that perfume too. No way is it too early, I can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner!

  7. Never too early! I've created mine as well which I'll post soon and started buying stuff from it!!

  8. What a fabulous list, lady! That vanity is fabulous, I need it stat!

  9. I have those MK platforms and they are BY FAR by my favorite shoes in my closet! Worth every penny!!!

  10. I have have the TB perfume on my list too! Great minds think alike!

  11. I need to finish my list for my blog. My Dad asked for mine on Halloween but they is mostly electronics and tools. Cards Against Humanity is a great gift!

  12. Stopped by from the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop. I am loving those MK sandals! You have a great list here. Hope Santa brings it all :)