Maui: You had me at Aloha

I am still pinching myself that we spent the 1st week of the year in Maui. It was our first trip to Hawaii, and we are officially in love! If you've been around here for the past several years, you know how much I have traveled around the world to cover events for work. Well, this trip was extra special because we were able to bring our families and stay at the beautiful Grand Wailea Resort in Maui.

This was the 1st time Lil' Miss was on a long haul flight and in a significantly different time zone (prior to this she's only experienced a 1 or 2 hour difference in the Caribbean and in Colorado last spring), and as nervous as I was about how she'd handle it - she rocked it! 

She was all buckled in, and snuggled up ready to go when our flight from Denver to Maui was delayed. We had to layover in Denver (REALLY missing the direct flights from Orlando to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines) and everything was going smoothly until after we were ready for take off. Apparently, there was an engine leak (which is never good for business!) and they kept trying to fix it and finally pulled in a new plane. However, that took several hours and instead of arriving in Maui around 4:00 in the afternoon we arrived around 9:30. In the grand scheme of things I know it's not that big of a deal, and most importantly we were safe on a plane without mechanical issues. But, it was a bummer to not descend into Maui in the daylight and we missed the welcome dinner at the resort. Thankfully, there were a few other co-workers on our flight so we weren't the only ones who missed the welcome dinner and we were all just incredibly thankful to arrive safely.

Once we arrived, we were able to take food from the welcome dinner to enjoy in our rooms and take a quick shower before crashing for the night. I was excited for the Nespresso machine in the room, and of course the beautiful ocean views from the balcony.

Our king size bed was super comfy, and I couldn't believe how comfortable the pullout for Lil' Miss was too. Usually, when I sit down on a pullout in a hotel to tuck her in for a bedtime story and prayers it is bouncy and not much support. This pullout felt just as sturdy and comfortable as a regular bed and I would have totally crashed in it as well if needed. All other resorts - take notes! 

Surprisingly, we slept in and didn't wake up super early like we usually do when changing time zones. We headed to breakfast at 'Ikena and then went for a leisurely walk by the ocean - stopping for coffee at the Four Seasons' surf shop on the beach. 

After we got back, I headed to the gym for a quick Peloton ride (yes - they have Peloton bikes there!) and enjoyed their infused chilled towels before heading to the pool where my company had rented a group cabana for all of us throughout the stay. We were officially spoiled.

Remember when H and I wore matching bathing suits on our friend's 40th birthday cruise in November? Well, Lil' Miss was quite upset she didn't have a matching suit and was surprised to open up her very own matching Positano Lemons bathing suit to match us in Hawaii on Christmas morning. She of course insisted on us all wearing our lemons the 1st day at the pool, and it was adorable.

Lil' Miss quickly made friends with some of my co-worker's kiddos and was up and down the water slides and the Tarzan rope swing so H and I were able to sneak in a drink at the swim up grotto bar. 

That night, we headed off the resort to dinner at MonkeyPod Kitchen. We had heard it was a must try, and when we arrived we knew the hype must be true because it was super busy. We were told we had an hour and 15 minute wait, and thankfully only waited 45 minutes to be seated. A beautiful open air balcony, live music, and cocktails from the bar helped the time fly by.

Cutout Midi Dress {available in 4 colors} | Sandals | Kendra Scott Ring {only $30} | Drusy Cuff

Everything was DELISH from the drinks to the food, and it was such a fun atmosphere. Lil' Miss almost fell asleep at the table, but perked up when her food arrived. It was our first full day, so the time change was catching up to her. Dinner at 7:00 felt more like after midnight to my precious girl.

The next morning we enjoyed another delicious breakfast with a view at 'Ikena where Lil' Miss discovered POG juice - passionfruit, orange, and guava juices blended perfectly together. Then we were off for a whale watching excursion in Maalaea Harbor.

We saw A LOT of whales including one that came right up to the boat and put on a little show breaching the water. I also loved how some of the momma and baby whales came up from air like synchronized swimmers. 

After the whale watch tour, we shopped for souvenirs and stopped for a quick lunch at Maui Brewing Co. and then headed back to the resort for some pool and beach time. 

That evening, we enjoyed a sunset walk to dinner with the work peeps that had the most beautiful view and of course delicious food.

Dinner with a view - photos just do not do the sunsets there any justice. Every night the sunsets were a chef's kiss. Spectacular. 

We mostly hung out at the resort for the next few days enjoying the beach, water slides, and other amazing amentities. 

On our 2nd to last night we walked over to the Four Seasons next door to our resort for dinner. I was scouting out all the different filming locations from the 1st season of the White Lotus. 

For our last full day, Lil' Miss and I matched again and indulged in all the malasadas at breakfast. Absolutely amazing!

Yes - that is a fish tank in the bar top!

We had an evening flight home, so even with a late check out we had time to fit in a little more exploring before heading to the airport. We went over to Makena State Park to do some hiking, and then did a little shopping and had lunch at the Shops at Wailea. 

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  1. Oh what an amazing trip! I love that y'all got to take S with you! It looks like she had a blast! And it looks like y'all had great weather. B and I went to Maui on our honeymoon and it was an absolute disaster. Lol. I'd love to go back sometime and have a redo!

  2. We've been to Maui a few times but it's been over 10 years and I would love to go back. Your trip sounded amazing! Love your matching suits!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. Oh my gosh I’m so happy y’all did this! We have never been to Hawaii, can you believe it? But Maui is on our list within the next couple years! I’m so glad you took little miss as well. I love your coverups and she looks like she had so much fun!