Set Sail with Me

Well... not yet, but soon! This was the year of milestone birthdays in our framily, and we are setting sail this month to celebrate one of our favs on a cruise. I feel like we just booked it, but it's been months of planning and I can't believe it's almost here. 

Between matching suits, personalized stainless steel cups so our drinks never get warm, to an excuse to break back out my favorite sparkly heels I'm excited to pack my suitcase. Not pictured are the re-hydration drinks (without all the fake chemicals and colors) that we'll be bringing on board because I know I cannot hang like I used to and I'm not spending half the day in the stateroom feeling cruddy. 

It's my favorite way to travel - you unpack once, and wake up at a new island most mornings. All of your meals are included, and you spend the day in a bathing suit and get dressed up for dinner and a show each evening. 

When was the last time you took a cruise? 


  1. The last time I took a cruise should be next time - because I haven't taken a cruise yet, LOL~
    I still admire the sea level from a distance, but when I get up close I will be a little scared.
    I look forward to your updates on sea photos~
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  2. I looooveeee the lemon swimsuits! So dang cute!

  3. I love it all and want it all and can’t wait to see you in some of this! Can you believe I’ve never been on a cruise ship?

  4. Oooh, I'm so excited for you! I actually haven't ever been on a cruise- the idea of unpacking once and being able to see so many places is very enticing, but the idea of being on "boat time" always and having so many people crammed into a space freaks me out a little bit- but maybe that's the way cruises were way back when? Some of the boats I see advertised look SO impressive!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. The lemon suit is lovely