The Thai'm of My Life

Always here for a good pun... in the lead up prep to traveling to Thailand for a work event I of course had multiple stressors. But all was well, and it was a great trip. If you need to catch up on work events of the past - check out my Travel tab here to find recaps on Singapore, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Las Vegas, Panama City, and Dubai. 

It was a long trip to get over to Bangkok, and it was the first time that I wasn't traveling with any co-workers. We met at baggage claim, but for the 30+ hour journey it was me, myself, and I. I laid over in Doha, Qatar which is a GORGEOUS airport and enjoyed the lounge. I was so tired I didn't even care about the complimentary wine. I was there for the food, and to put my feet up.

After about 30 hours of travel, it was VERY tempting to just crash. But I knew how important it was to get on the correct time zone (they are 11 hours ahead of EST) so I took a much needed shower before heading to a staff meeting and grabbing dinner.

After exploring the venue for a bit, it was time to eat and crash. The next morning I ordered some room service which was super cheap for what you get (and delish!) before heading back to the venue to capture content and help out where needed.

It felt as if no time had passed since I last wore a staff badge and worked at events around the world. A lot of you have followed along since I used to globe trot covering events for work. I ended up leaving for multiple reasons last year, and immediately regretted my decision. The grass isn't always greener folks! And was fortunate to be asked to come back this past spring. I was caught off guard at first, but after thinking and praying about it I knew it just felt like returning home. Which it has. 

That evening I was planning to take a dip in this beautiful pool, take a shower, and order some room service for dinner, but was invited to head out to dinner with some colleagues. And I'm so glad I did! It was a fun (rainy) night of riding tuk-tuks, lots of laughs, and exploring the markets. 

After we returned, we stopped by the venue to see the progress of the load-in for the event. The next day would see over 3,000 people in that room. Again, it felt like I had never left! 

*In my natural element*

For the gala at the end of the event weekend, I shopped my closet and broke back out this dress that I wore to my cousin's wedding in Cape Cod last year. She packs nicely, and wasn't even wrinkled after all the travel. 

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  1. Wow! 30 hours is no small feat, esp alone! We just went to Ireland last week (for a thing for Brian's work) and it was a FULL travel day, but I was kind of thankful we had a connecting flight so that I wasn't up in the air AS long. I get stir crazy! Lol! It looks like your coworkers are a blast and how neat to see Thailand!! You have quite a travel list.


  2. Yay! You're back on the blog! I've been checking :) Looks like a wonderful trip and it was fun to follow along!


  3. You are definitely in your element here, babe! I'm so glad the return to this role has felt like coming home- isn't that just the best feeling? You are right where you're supposed to be!

    Thanks for sharing these shots of your travels!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Oh what a trip! I just love how much you get to travel! So many cool places!

  5. Oh what a great trip. The hotel looked incredible as did the food! Thanks for sharing. I feel you it took me 16 hours to get home from Paris.

    Allie of

  6. OOOH. I didn't realize you went back. Congratulations!! It speaks to both your professionalism and relationships you build that you were able to do that! The photos of you from the event are gorgeous; you rocked that time change and jet lag!!