It's Wedding Season

I love wedding season! We just celebrated our 13th anniversary, and a few of our friends also celebrate their anniversaries in the summer. Who doesn't love an outdoor wedding in the warmer months? Don't know what to wear? I've got you covered! No matter what the attire calls for on the invitation, all of my picks are versatile and can be worn again after attending a wedding on vacation. Elegant night on a cruise, dinner under swaying palms, date night, by the pool or all of the above. 

Black Tie or Black Tie Optional

I wore this satin beauty to my cousin's black tie optional wedding in Cape Cod, and it was perfect for the weather and the beautiful waterfront backdrop. (Wedding weekend on the Cape recap found here).


Lace Midi Dress {available in 3 colors}

Daytime Wedding

Lace Swing Dress {only $43}

Garden Wedding

Destination Wedding

We had the privilege of traveling to Punta Cana for our friends' wedding back in 2015. (Honestly feels like a couple years ago not 8!) So, it was fun to not only be at an all inclusive resort with friends for a few days, but dress up and attend a wedding on the beach. I went with a flowy number and sandals because sand. H went with a tropical button down, khaki shorts and sandals. 

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  1. All of these dresses are gorgeous on you! Love the one shoulder and garden wedding!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. I love all of these! That first one looks beautiful on you! That shade of blue is your color! I miss going to weddings. They are few and far between for us these days.

  3. Hope you guys had a great time celebrating! We are having our 13th anniversary too in October :) Happy weekend! xo


  4. Oh how fun. You’re always the best dressed wedding guest I just know it.