Turning Six

How is it possible that my sweet girl is turning 6 already?! I am definitely "one of those moms" who still sees her as an itty bitty baby, and I have to remind myself daily that she's no longer a baby. Her official birthday isn't until this weekend, but this past Saturday the stars aligned with the pavilion at the park she specifically requested to have her party at being available, my cake baker being available and some of our friends who had travel plans coming up also being in town. 

I originally encouraged her to have a party at her gymnastics gym, but she insisted on this park because she loves the splash pad, playground and beach sand area. She also insisted on a "Mei Mei party" since she has been watching "Turning Red" on repeat. This theme was not easy to pull off - for some reason they don't carry supplies for it at Target or Party City so enter Amazon. But even that wasn't as plentiful as it should be. 

It turned out that the rain I had been fearing that could ruin her big day wasn't an issue. In fact the skies were cloud free and picture perfect, humidity was low and it was warm enough for the kids to run around in the splash pad but not super hot where the adults were uncomfortable. What I didn't account for was the wind. Ugh the wind. I wasted the entire set up time fighting against it before surrendering. I had envisioned "Turning Red" tablecloths on each table, setting the tables with "Turning Red" centerpieces, plates, napkins, etc... and that all went out the window. Even the red table weights I bought immediately fell over and the tablecloths had a mind of their own. So, I'm sitting on several unopened tablecloths, plates, napkins and centerpieces if anyone is throwing a party with a "Turning Red" theme soon. 

I also forgot the t-ball bat at home, so H quickly ran to a store down the road and bought a broomstick for the pinata. Oh and the pinata - couldn't find one that was Turning Red themed even on Amazon, so I picked up a red one at Party City which happened to be Minecraft themed. Whoops! 

We had several amazing helpers when the party ended to clean everything out of the pavilion, and load up the cars. Then we headed down the street to our favorite local Mexican spot where I enjoyed a much needed margarita, and Lil' Miss opened her gifts from Auntie Emily who also joined us for some post-event beverages. They hit the spot, and it's always great to catch up. 


  1. I love the birthday theme! I can't believe little S is already 6 - how did that happen!?

  2. Such A precious little girl! I cannot believe that little Miss is six! That cake was so cool. I hope you got to rest up yesterday!

  3. I hate when things like the wind have to mess up our plans! I doubt she even cared you didn't have all that set out anyways. Zoe had no clue that I was stressing about stuff setting up her party last year and bailed on many of my ideas last minute and called it the best party ever.

  4. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! That cake is gorgeous and looks yummy. A post party margarita for the mom is SUCH a good idea!


  5. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! What a fun party theme! Such a bummer about the wind but it looks like it was a success!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. I cannot believe she's six already! We still haven't seen Turning Red... we need to get on that! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  7. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. Looks like everyone had fun and the cake is cute.