So Fresh, So Clean

It's officially May - how did this happen? The NSync song is still in my head, and I'm absolutely loving the longer days of daylight. Last week I went to a much needed hair appointment. It's always nice to catch up with my stylist (can't believe I've been going to her for over 10 years now!), and I was definitely in need of a re-fresh.

On Friday night, Lil' Miss had a gymnastics party which meant date night for us. We finally scored a reservation at a restaurant we've been trying to get into for a while, and then hit some golf balls at TopGolf. Well - I had a lot of air swings, but that's neither here nor there. Still a lot of fun!

On Saturday, we were reunited with framily for some grilling and pool fun. Lots of catching up over good food, beverages and lots of laughs. The kiddos splashed around in the pool, and had a serious game of laser tag and we made plans for future staycations and vacations. 

I feel like it's been forever since I scooped up a fresh pair of sneaks, and I had these beauties on my wish list for a while. They dropped in price, and I almost snagged them. Then they dropped in price again, and I knew I had to go for it before they were gone. They are currently 57% off and only $36. If you're not a fan of the blush pink there is also a white and silver combo at that price point. Perfect for running errands, walks around the neighborhood, upcoming travel and taking Lil' Miss to gymnastics and t-ball. 

I also had been eyeing these earrings for Lil' Miss now that her ears are pierced, and have healed. Another item I've been watching, and they dropped down to $19. She has been asking for Minnie Mouse earrings long before her ears were even pierced. So, I'm holding on to these to give her for a special occasion or after a big milestone. 

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  1. okay but your legs look amazing in that top golf pic!

  2. Your hair looks so good!! Also vodka soda / tonic is one of my old time favorites - havent had it in years but in a can, I am all about it!

  3. Nothing like a fresh cut! Loving the earrings and shoes you picked out.

  4. What a fun time. I love getting my hair done too. Your hair looks so good!

  5. Yay for framily reuniting!

    I was just looking at sneakers last night.

  6. Bring on all the cocktails, sunshine and fun times with family and friends!


  7. Those earrings are precious. Olivia would have loved to have those for Disney I'm sure!

  8. I looooove hair day! I just got my hair done, too!

    Wearing an updated spin on the little white dress in my new post and can't wait for you to see it!


  9. There's no better feeling than a fresh haircut! Those Disney earrings are adorable!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  10. Sounds like a fun time! A haircut is always a nice bit of pampering!

    Hope you are having a good weekend. It's another rainy day here!

    Away From The Blue