Dining in Orlando

Having lived in Orlando for eight years now, I'm not only a huge fan of our unique and eclectic restaurant and bar scene, but am always up for trying out new places. Whether you're a local here in Central Florida or visiting on vacay, I highly suggest thinking outside the "theme park and International Drive box", and venture into town to check out some great spots. 

5 New Restaurants to check out in Orlando

Dining in Orlando is fun, especially when there are always new eateries opening up around town. The usual itinerary for your night out on the town can get old after a while, so here are some suggestions to spice it up. These are all new additions to the city, so you'll get to enjoy the exciting atmosphere and some dishes or drinks you've never tried before. Be sure to think about renting a Party Bus in Orlando if you're going to be drinking with friends and hopping from one destination to the next. 

The H Cuisine
West Orlando
This restaurant is serving a Mediterranean inspired menu in a luxury steak house setting. The open kitchen makes dining here just as entertaining as it is satisfying. They have really mastered the art of presentation along with making an inviting atmosphere for groups. Wait until you taste the food!

Tin and Taco
South Downtown
With options like the brisket bomb burrito and mac attack, you can choose to think outside of the box or fall back on favorites like tacos and nachos. You'll notice the quality of their brisket because they cook it in house. They offer craft beer and craft sodas for purchase here!

JINYA Ramen Bar
Thornton Park
There are a ton of options for vegans and vegetarians to choose from here. It's a small space inside so it's not the best for huge groups, but you can't go wrong with a dinner with your partner or friend here. Their mini tacos are a fun take on the usual pork buns you find at Korean restaurants, and you can add a lot of different ingredients to customize your ramen selection.

Grape and the Grain
Park Lake / Lake Highland
There's an outdoor covered patio and deck area where they host live music and have games available. They don't have a ton of food options available outside of their charcuterie board, but local food trucks visit regularly, too! They rotate craft beers and have a ton of wine options for those looking for a good selection. 

Bites and Bubbles
Park Lake / Lake Highland
Are you a big fan of wine and cheese? This new wine bar will make you feel as though you're sitting in a cafe in the heart of Paris. They have some unique champagne cocktails and quality dishes like escargot and a chocolate souffle. We love the modern industrial feel of this destination, and there is sure to be a wine that stands out to you on their huge menu.


  1. This post made me so hungry! I've never tried ramen, but always hear how good it is!

  2. These places all look so good! Great rundown, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. I love these posts because if I go to a new city or revisit one I've been to many times like Orlando, I'm never without options.

  4. I feel like every time I visit home there is always something new that's popped up! Can't wait to try some of these next time I visit my parents!

  5. Tin and Taco looks adorable! I'm such a sucker for string lights!

  6. Will save this for a FL trip we have in the works.

  7. I will keep in mind whenever I will visit Orlando. The food looks so delicious.

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  8. These all look SO great and I just love Orlando! Will definitely be bookmarking for future trips!

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  9. I want to visit all these places! YUM!

  10. Mmmm I would want to try the Tin & Taco place or the Bites and Bubbles!

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  11. These all look like great places to dine! It's been awhile since I have visited Orlando and it's making me itch to want to go!

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  12. Oh finding new places to eat is so fun! Looks like all these ones would be yummy!


  13. My husband raves about that ramen place. Ha. I seriously need to go to Orlando again.

  14. The H Cuisine looks really good. I'd definitely take note of this one. Thanks for sharing dear!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  15. so many fun new places! i like the wine + food places, especially the one that has the food trucks visit.. my city is definitely lacking in the new and/or eclectic restaurant department!

  16. So many great sounding restaurants! I need to save for the next time I'm in Orlando. Thanks!

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  18. Yum! I bet the tacos at the Taco restaurant are so good. Love the vibe!



  19. Thank you for sharing this. Some great options!