Tuesday's Recipe Swap ~ Blue Fishbowls

If you haven't noticed around these parts I love blue drinks. My go to drink on vacation is a blue margarita, but I love pretty much any drink with a little blue curacao added to it. Enter the Blue Fishbowl which I've been making for pool parties at the house.
Blue Fishbowls


1 shot of Malibu rum
1 shot of Blue Curacao liqueur
Splash of club soda
4 oz. of sour mix

To make a pitcher for a party, just multiply by how many servings you plan to make.


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  1. Ohhh I love fishbowls!! I am pinning this to make on the Fourth of July! Gotta love a blue drink!

  2. If I was served this - I'd be a happy lady!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I haven't had a fish bowl in eternity. Fun!

  4. I REALLY love it when you share drink recipes because I never make anything special at home, it intimidates me. This makes it so simple!

  5. Nothing says summer like a big blue fishbowl! Yum!! I want to come to one of your pool parties!

  6. Yum!! I can't wait to try this!! I loved the Blue Hawaiians in the DR! :)

  7. This is definitely happening soon!

  8. Love this recipe for the blue fishbowl! Great summer drink!

  9. Pretty sure I bookmark all of your Tuesday posts. LOVE this one!

  10. looks good to me! I love a good summer cocktail.

  11. So yummy!! I've seen these with Swedish fish in them too!!

  12. Looks delish! Nice and festive for 4th July too!